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  1. Moonstone ore in Oriel?

    According to https://aioncodex.com/us/gathersource/403023/, it's on the island off the sunset coast area.
  2. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Were there any changes to Cygnea's open world drops since 6.x? I can't find anything regarding this in patch notes.
  3. That moment when

    Fun fact: You can use transformations in luna instances and the cubic lab, so if you want slightly faster animations, you can use an attack speed transform like super shugo.
  4. Aion 7.0 vs. 6.5 Skill Effects Comparison (player class skills)

    Isn't it not boosted by physical attack though? My pain rune usually does less damage than simply autoattacking or using a different skill (like the assassination chain) when I have no other physical skills off cd (though I don't yet have that daevanion pain rune skill to test if it does significantly more).
  5. Aion closed completely in-game

    It goes straight to 99% if, the last time you opened it (while the computer was on? not sure), you closed it normally through the "quit" button. It'll start from 0% if it closes in another way, such as crashing or force-closing it with task manager. There is a way to make it start at 99% no matter how it's closed, though.
  6. 6.0 info

    I don't know if someone else has asked this yet, but what happens to luna? Dorinerk's Wardrobe, specifically.
  7. 6.0 info

    k, but Elysea & Asmodae are hollow, so their centers of mass/gravity would be above the middle of each (relative to someone standing on/inside each) :3 ereshkigal stronk
  8. 6.0 info

    Gravity doesn't pull toward Antarctica; it pulls toward the center of the Earth. So apparently gravity pushes away from the center of Atreia though? (Because people walk on the inside of a planet, and now these abyss pieces go away from the center, too...) NCLogic®
  9. 6.0 info

    A few questions: What happens to breakthrough skills? Will we still be able to use skills from equipped +20 items? (assuming they don't simply make old items unusable & exchangeable for new stuff) Will crafted items (such as Ophidan stuff) be obtainable through another method, like aetherforging? ...or are they just completely removing any way of making them? (And will the skins still be usable even if you can no longer make more?)
  10. 6.0 info

    So...what will happen to essencetapping/aethertapping & leveling them? Will the nodes just be condensed into the 3 remaining zones? (3, not 4, because I'm assuming they won't add them to Poeta/Ishalgen.)
  11. Current List of Aion Glitches (add any if not on list)

    Some skills (silence strike, for example, and many boss skills across instances) are unavoidable; the FE buff will be consumed without evading the hit. If you had the shield up and then an attack says it does 8,952 damage, that means that it did 18,952 damage, but 10,000 was absorbed by the shield. If you mean that you've been hit by it for 8,952 damage without the shield up, then idk... This often happens if your CPU is overclocked; timers in-game will tick faster to you than they do according to the server if your CPU is overclocked. Assuming you're talking about targeted skills (Flamecrush, Silence Strike, etc...), they work differently for mobs as compared to players, for some reason. If a player casts Storm Strike and the target walks behind an obstacle or out of the "revision distance" (example: http://aion.mouseclic.com/wiki/skill/1493), the skill will fail at the end of the cast. If a mob casts a melee skill, like Strike, running out of melee range (i.e. to the other side of the room) or behind an obstacle isn't enough to avoid the damage. If you're getting hit by the area skills (Flash, Pierce), it's likely your ping, though...although they do seem to sometimes turn around right before finishing the skill for no apparent reason...
  12. Wrong essence stats in shift+u window Templar(Help)

    The stats that the window says you gain from the archdaeva stats which you directly put essence into are the stats gained after the archdaeva stats from gear. Basically, the higher your boosted precision (such as from manastones in gear, but not counting your base precision depending on your class), the less stats (acc/ma/crit) the same number of points of precision would give. The essence window shows that you gain less acc/ma/crit from the same amount of precision because you have some precision socketed in your gear, so the effectiveness of more precision decreases. This is the same for all the archdaeva stats; the greater the boosted archdaeva stats from manastones & essence you have, the less the effectiveness of the archdaeva stat.
  13. Visual Bugs

    Also, it seems to only happen when Options > Graphics Options > Misc > "Display Effects For" is set to "All".
  14. Aion landscapes, cities, ruins... (picture thread)

    yw for picturespam
  15. New Server Name Suggestions

    thispls Also, maybe in cross-server stuffz, Tahabata: Name-TB or Name-TH or Name-TA & Stormwing: Name-SW or Name-ST or Name-SG