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  1. Im really not happy on my stigma i want to change it. Tell me how i can do it?
  2. Useless stigma please fix

    Ok im just really bothered from the stigma im going to have after i finish my quest. Im sorcerer and the reward stigma on my quest is "Boon of quickness"- It only reduces the casting time of magic for 15 sec. I respect that. But for freaking 5 min cooldown for that is not acceptable. Please fix the cooldown, My major power is only at 2 min then the useless power is 5 min. Its really bothering me. If i can get a chance to change the stigma on reward please tell me.
  3. Lakrum is too small for hungry tiger

    Since i came to Lakrum on level 76 for a mission, there's a lot of ranger running around and killing all the enemy even they are level 80. Since im Gladiator, i need to attack on close combat. But I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND.. WHY THEY KILLING ALL THE ENEMY EVEN I ALREADY KILLING IT IN FRONT OF ME??. They are too many and no matter what hours. I see them every time and the field is really getting clear. The worst is.. i cant do my quests. And also why they do it even they full level?. But anyways, Please expand the field 5 times if possible. SO MANY HUNGRY TIGER. Im not joking. If i can just put all the monster i see to their mouth i will. Because i really feel bad how hungry they are.
  4. Stuck on level 65

    Thanks, btw i see it now in somewhere how to do it. And about "Talk to Akuna" i made a mess. After i click the sword i run away before because too many enemy and didnt noticed Akuna will just teleport there. And after i cant click anymore. But anyways its ok now.
  5. How to transform on level 75?

    I just see before in youtube when you are level 75 you can transform. Im level 76 now.
  6. Stuck on level 65

    I need to get level 66 to get the yellow quest. And my current quest is "talk to Akula". And another one, which is defeat "Balaur Spiritualist". First, they all "hard to locate in the map". But according on the dictionary, Akula, appears after you touch the Abandoned Saw-tooth Sword. I see the Abandoned Saw-tooth Sword but i cant click it. Is that clickable?
  7. The game is not balanced

    I have Gladiator lvl 37. Most of the skill is unconditional. It can only be use if the enemy is in stumble. But there's only one skill that can put the enemy in stumble state. Meaning i level up to gained useless power because i can only use 1 conditional skill. And those power is not even powerful. I cant heal not even protect myself. I wish Gladiator have more privilege on attacking. Cause in my opinion Gladiator (Who should be the beast on the game) is way more powerful than Cleric (That should just more on protect and healing for others). But no, Cleric is way more powerful than gladiator if you try 1 on 1. Which makes it really unfair and unbalanced. Actually i dont know what i can suggest, but please make it balanced. If ever, i wish Gladiator is more effective on Remove Shock. Not limited for 7s only with 30s cooldown. Because they are the most tough means they should be stable. Cause right now,its just have same as other Remove Shock like others. Remove Shock should be on early level for Gladiator not lvl 40+ before it earned. And the conditional skill please fix it. It has so many conditional skill (to used need the enemy on stumbe) yet only one skill to make the enemy stumble. Its like i level to gained useless power. And also, .Since im new in Gladiator, I dont know yet its full skill, But I HOPE, Gladiator has privilege on attack even the enemy is on shield, cause they are the toughest. Close range and don't have power to heal and to block.