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  1. Well, there's another thing about the Black Cloud Market. If you pay real-world money for something, NCSOFT seems to be shy about deleting it. So apparently there are BCM snowballs that are not supposed to disappear but you get from quests that will disappear. You can buy the Brilliant Fragments, so I guess they shouldn't disappear. Whatever.

  2. I've never been sure NCSOFT has thought though Aion.

    According to the announcement, Brilliant Fragments will not be deleted. They are trading for abut 100 million Kinah now. So they will be tradeable throughout 2021, provided the announcement is accurate. However, it will not be possible to get the reward from a Brilliant Fragment for about a year because all the Icy Shards will have been deleted. We will have to wait until the snowball event returns in 2021. So Brilliant Fragments will be a bit like a combination of Bitcoin and futures option.

  3. The new launcher doesn't deal with DirectX correctly. DirectX is a graphics library.

    The old launcher would check to see of you had the right version of DirectX installed, and install it if you didn't. The current version says you have the wrong version DirectX and complains that you didn't read the instructions correctly on how to download DirectX manually. However, there are no instructions. This will become a huge obstacle for novice users.

    Current users won't see the problem until they reload their operating system or get a new computer This is because all current Aion players have the correct version of DirectX installed, otherwise they wouldn't be able to play.


  4. Let me make sure I understand the problem, because I think there is a solution.

    I think you're talking about switching characters. When you are in the character selection mode, you double-click on the field with the character name. It then says you're locked out for 8 hours and the client exits. You aren't locked out for 8 hours, but you have to restart the client. The problem may repeat.

    NCSOFT ought to fix this problem, but I think the following is a solution:

    Instead of double-clicking on the name, single click on the name. Then push the "start" button in the lower middle of the screen.

    I've never seen a failure with this method.

  5. The PIN is requested when you first bring up a character on a particular server.

    You can change from one character to another on the same server all you want without entering a PIN, but you are asked for a PIN when you change to a character on a different server.

  6. This has been going on for months to a year. I saw some posts indicating that NCSOFT says they can't duplicate it so they assume it's user error.

    It's a problem.

    I've noticed that it turns up when I click the mouse too fast, like when I'm excited from some battle and clicking the mouse several times per second for no reason. There must be something in the low-level timing of mouse clicks.

    If you have the problem, restart the client. There is no 8 hour timeout.

    Then type in the PIN slowly. Click each number and wait until you see the echo (the round dot) before going to the next number. If two round dots appear, backspace.

    That'll fix for the time being.

  7. I can tell you some of what happened with skins in Beluslan with the upgrade:

    Queen Mihisha, near Kidorun's, L20, drops Earth, a Punishing Weapon Box, and an Unidentified Acorn Bundle every time 

    Priest Esekiel, near Kistenian, L32, drops Squall every time

    Blade Captain Gauri, Bakarma, L62, drops Heartwave every time

    Stormwing Dugolle, Bakarma, L61, drops Heartwave every time

    Steadfast Dalloki, Near Besfer, L69, drops Weapon Box of Wrath and an Unidentified Acorn Bundle (10) every time **this is new**

    Queen Alukina, Alukina's Palace, L75, drops Weapon Box of Destiny and Unidentified Acorn Bundle (10) every time and Conqueror's sometimes



  8. I registered my account for the bonus about a week ago. The post says the carpet pack may be in your in-game mailbox or a code in the Web-based mailbox. I checked my in-game mailbox and there was nothing. So, I went to the web-based interface and found a code. I applied it. After that, I found that all the characters associated with the account, on multiple servers, had a mail in their in-game mailbox. It was a mail with four items attached (maybe 5, sorry, I forget). The mail did not expire, but the attached carpet said it would expire in 30 days. The other items did not say they would expire. The mail did not appear on just my L80 character. I know it was in an L37. I didn't check an L1.

  9. Most home users have non-fixed internet IP addresses. My internet supplier does some sort of maintenance on Sunday mornings (it is Sunday morning now), which sometimes involves changing users' IP addresses--but IP addresses can change at other times. Since the code verifies the IP address for a specific account, changing the IP address causes the game to crash immediately and then all accounts need to be re verified. That seems to be what happened to you. However, you are supposed to get verification codes.

  10. OK, I'll address that topic: NCSOFT has a fixed labor cost to run the game due to gold sellers, bots, and stuff. Once the player based declined below a certain point that labor cost was too high for the revenue. To cut the labor cost, they shut off the economy by making most stuff untradable, which I assume made the gold sellers, bots, etc. less of a problem. This created a viscous circle by making the game less attractive to players. So, in North America, we get software upgrades paid for from other regions, but little support or GMs.

  11. I'm glad you're lightening up on the spacebar, but you're providing an opportunity to give pointers to other players.

    Putting a weight on the spacebar makes you jump and conspicuous to other players.

    You can use other keys besides spacebar, but not just any key. You may have to experiment, but I hear that the "0 insert" key on full-sized keyboards--a big convenient key in the bottom row of the numeric keypad--prevents AFK detection without making you jump. I would not want to admit I ever did this, because it's probably against the rules.

    However, I have noticed that my Windows 10 computers (both PC and laptop) do not detect AFK and disconnect for the most recently activated window. I don't know the full story, but I come to my computer many mornings and see the active window still logged in. I have no idea how this could be against the rules.


  12. There is another way to get skins that I haven't seen mentioned in this post. There are a NPCs that drop exactly one armor item every kill, subject to a <10 level difference. With a respawn time of usually 5 minutes, you seem to get much more useful loot per unit time than going after regular drops. Each kill yields a cloth, leather, chain, or plate item, so you have a 25% chance of getting something useful to your class. You either get a piece of armor or a weapon.

    I've set up groups all controlled with me where one character gets the, say, leather and another gets the cloth. This doubles the class-relevant loot per unit time. I ran into Gallium and one of his/her friends and we ended up with a group with three classes covered.

    These NPCs seem to have five white dots, they are not elite, and the tend to be in conspicuous places (usually walking down the main path in a region). About half are "preemptive strike."

    You probably knew all this.

    But let me be useful by posting my list of these NPCs. There must be quite a few others. It would be interesting to have other people contribute to the list. Use Google to find out where they are.

    Adapter Kermio, L73, Conqueror

    Scotch Bonnet Bartul, L65, Heartwave

    Zephyrwing Klare, L60, Heartwave

    Kyang Redmane, L55, Aegis

    Amalen the Forlorn, L40, (I didn't record the type)

    Stormwings Dugolle, L40, Tempest (multiple channels in this region)

    Blade Captain Gauri, L35, Squall (multiple channels in this region)

    Mob outside of Haramel, L10. (I didn't record the type; there are five channels)



  13. I think I can explain, but there are a lot of cases. In a 1-1 toon kills NPC, the amount of loot depends on the difference in levels. Full loot up to about a difference of 7 then reducing loot, with a difference of 10 or more being no loot. So a L30 player killing a L20 NPC never gets loot.

    If a member of a group kills an NPC, then the loot depends on the highest level member of the group, but not counting the mentor.

    So an L80 mentor + L30 + L20 will get the same loot as a L30 1-1 kill.

    Now, Vantheria has a more complex explanation of what happens if you wait to the last 30 seconds or so before the dead character goes away. In this case, sometimes a player not in the group that killed the NPC can collect the loot. However, as far as I know, a player out of the group cannot collect loot that wasn't there in the first place, which is what I explained in this post before this paragraph.

    Good question.

  14. Yeah, they made the optional Sacrificial Power a passive skill, which can't be turned off, as mentioned.

    When I'm soloing, I activate Amplification and Blessed Shield before the heal. The first two skills offer a lot of MP recovery but also 1100 and 500 healing boost. So the first two skills reverse the undesired effect of Sacrificial Power and give you 10 seconds to heal.

    The changes didn't seem to serve a purpose.

  15. I read this thread and decided to see what a new player could do after an L80 jump--but not using the Reisel set, because that sounds like cheating.

    So I made a L80 Gunslinger. She turned up in Lakrum in just panties. While the Gunslinger has all the skills, none of them work without a weapon (pistol or aethercannon).

    A new player can get a 7-day trial of the prestige pass. Prestige enables Atreian Passport, which gives a million kinah on the first day. The kinah lets you get around, but isn't enough to buy gear or stigma stones.

    Now there's a puzzle about how to "bootstrap" the gear, because I don't think you can kill anything in Lakrum with just fists.

    There are Prestige quests, and I ended up getting three, Aetherogenetics Lab, Kromede's trial, and Fire temple.

    Kromede's trial was first. Silver Blade Rotan is obtained inside, which served as my one and only weapon. I've done Kromede's trail many times, but it never occurred to me that you kill the bosses with only panties as armor and with just Rotan as a weapon. Anyway, it works, and the final boss gives a Gunslinger the choice of a pistol or aethercannon (I got the latter).

    Most Gunslinger skills require dual pistols, which I got courtesy of prestige quests for RM-86C (or some name like that) and soloing Fire Temple, in panties, equipped with just an L10 aethercannon.

    I then went to Cygnea and discovered an L80 Gunslinger in panties with L10 and L20 pistols and an L10 aethercannon can kill just about anything. The kills aren't very fast, though. This lets you pick up armor so you don't look stupid.

    That's as far as I got. Bastion of Souls might be a next step. The last boss might be tough, and you have to kill it to get any type of credible armor. Another possibility is the Pandora armor, but it takes several weeks to develop gathering skill and then collect enough tokens--which have a weekly limit. I still think the Reisel armor is cheating.

    Other classes might have a different strategy.


  16. I found a way to get Conqueror's armor, at least in one race. See cloth set below. It's apparently a general drop in Cygnia, which would require more time than I'm willing to spend. However, there's a named monster called Adapter Kremio that drops one piece each time you kill him, with a 5 minute respawn. With a bit of trying, I came up with the method in the second image.

    If you put a Spiritmaster and its spirit right in front of Kremio's spawn point, as below, Kremio will take a couple steps and start a fight with either the Spiritmaster or spirit. The spirit will come to the defense of the Spiritmaster and kill Kremio. If you have an auto-looting pet, the setup will drop a piece of armor in your inventory every 5 1/2 minutes or so. So you set it up as shown and then go AFK for an hour or two. You come back to your inventory filled mostly with Conqueror gear, but some other drops as well. Delete the stuff you're not interested in and go AFK again. You can get a complete set in a day.

    This method depends on the spirit being able to kill the mob, which either requires a strong spirit (78 in this case) or a weak mob (Kremio is 73). However, the bump up to the new armor in Lakrum helps a lot.






  17. 18 hours ago, Zeyra-KT said:


    Sadly, the Hammer in the PvE instances is to roll, so set roll - normal (-.-)

    Event tab is showing different timers for each toon, @Cyan are you sure is "per account"?


    No, not "per account." It says "Staying logged in for 30 minutes will grant one hammer, with up to 6 earned per account per day." It looks like each of the standard maximum of 8 characters per account can spend 3 hours AFK getting hammers. So you can spend 24 hours per day getting hammers.

  18. Well, I can kind of imagine Cyan's thought process. Cyan hangs up his stocking, puts milk and cookies out for Rudolph, and gets ready for bed on Christmas Eve. Then he remembers Aion (my apologies if Cyan is not a he) and how he hasn't logged in and written the mail for tomorrow morning, but he thinks about the ungrateful complainers on the forum and says to himself "nah, it'd spoil the spirit of Christmas, so I'm going to bed."

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