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  1. The problem I have with the jumping characters is that they are so unimaginative. I've found better ways to "rich" in Aion in recent years, but:

    (a) I think you can have the character sit down, then put a weight on the spacebar. This prevents the inactivity timeout without the jumping.

    (b) Keys besides spacebar prevent inactivity timeout with the character standing still. Keyboards vary, but I recall something like putting a weight on the insert key on the numeric keypad works. Probably other keys.

  2. 4 hours ago, cinderellaxmagic-DN said:

    @Cyan hello cyan why is the pandora cloth misplaced in naming cuase the pandora mystic has phys stats http://prntscr.com/ph44hkand the phys cloth has magic stats http://prntscr.com/ph46dz is this normal or something went wrong? could you check if everything working correctly  thx ;D

    I had a related problem, up higher in this thread. Yeah, there is a problem with the Pandora gear. Cyan, please add to the problem list. It's not going to be hard to fix, but needs to be addressed.

  3. I have a problem with the new Pandora gear, I think.

    I have a cleric that got the Pandora ultimate gear some time ago. For example, it's wearing an Ultimate Pandora Mystic Hauberk.

    When I look over what Pector offers for exchange, the only chain Hauberk is the Ultimate Divine Pandora Hauberk.

    However, this Hauberk is for physical players and has physical attack stats, but no magical attack stats.

    I didn't actually do all the quests in the last couple hours, but at the moment I think the Pandora gear will be unsuitable for some classes.

    But maybe I'm not understanding something.


  4. Yes, the problem is still there. It did seem to go away for a week, but I'm not sure. The effect seems different now.

    Now when I enter the PIN (in character selection), the mouse clicks "bounce," meaning that one click may produce 2 or 3 or 10 character entries. Sometimes just one. So if I watch the eight boxes carefully, I can delete the extra clicks and log in pretty reliably.

    This is different than a few weeks ago. Back then, I'd click the mouse and it'd say that I was locked out and the client would exit. I wasn't actually locked out, because I could restart the client and try again. The previous problem could have had the same root cause: My one click back then "bounced" dozens of times making the system think I'd entered the wrong PIN many times.


  5. Yeah, your note was about month after Lakrum was created, but Pandora Labor Agency was with the Ereshkigal's Wrath release in March 2019.

    I found it by the fact that the NPC has a green spot in the path. He's just 200 feet above the path. It was kind of fun trying to get up there. I looked for a discrete teleporter to no avail. I climbed a few mountains, which were not high enough. Then I got the idea of the lighthouse, which got me to the structure, but I thought it has a "force field" around it that I kept crashing into and then fall to the path below. It took me another day to dream up the strategy of going around the structure in the air for an entrance. It would be a decent quest, if it was more than extraneous scenery.



  6. On your "weird Asmodian base flying up in space there. I found no way of getting there": You can get there by jumping from the lighthouse. You can only enter by going around to the right and entering between the flags, otherwise there's a barrier to movement and you end up falling. The NPC up there is Kandu and he says "did you come here from the Pandora Labor Agency? I hope you receive fair compensation for your efforts" To which all you can do is say "I could always use more."

    There is nothing in aioncodex or Google on this, but Pandora Labor Agency is new.

    Anybody know where to get the quest?

  7. I have had a problem like this for years.Basically, the "event" dialog gives incorrect information at times. When you first activate a character after a day or longer, the event dialog can have what I guess you'd call stale data. If you exit to character selection and connect again (after the timeout), the data will be correct. The stale data can have outrageous numbers, like mentioned above. It can also say that you can expect more rewards when you've exhausted your daily supply.

    It's a bug, but exiting to character select and reconnecting seems to clear it.

  8. I'd like to put forth a theory. Everybody can shoot me down.

    Bots seem to me to be an existential threat to NCSOFT. I believe inability to control them is why NCSOFT disabled the economy, leading to a huge amount of negative discussion on these forums.

    XIGNCODE was put in to suppress bots. So the one thing about AION that we can have more assurance in than anything is that XIGNCODE doesn't work.

    What if NCSOFT understands this and is trying to implement something better than XIGNCODE? If they did this, then maybe they'd roll out the new software a week ahead of disabling XIGNCODE, just to see if anything broke. If that happened, you might expect to see minor glitches in some security features, such as, for example, the PIN. Well, gee wiz, we're seeing glitches in a security feature.

    Maybe NCSOFT actually listened. I have no idea. I got a bunch of those messages too, but just in the last week.

  9. There are a lot of monsters. There is a new type of monster now appears on the map with a big special symbol. It is an elite that drops three transforms and a weapon every time (you attack solo). Clicking on the transform box give you a choice of about 10 transform options, which you should select depending on your class. The weapon is for your class. If you are in a group, the loot is not duplicated to all players. The respawn time seems to be 5 or 10 minutes.

    One time I torpedoed a L45 monster of this type from an L80 character. It disappeared in one attack with no loot.


  10. There may be more to the story.

    A few years ago I decided to make my own statistics on the "return per snowball." I had a bunch of accounts of both races on all servers and a lot of time on my hands. I ended up collecting and opening around 1200 snowballs. Each snowball would open a half-dozen times on average, so I had 7000 or so "openings." Enough to make valid statistics. I kept records in a spreadsheet, which is still around.

    Interestingly, the statistics varied by race and server, mostly in the last step. In other words, opening a snowball from level n to n+1 or n+2, like opening a +5 to give a +6 or +7, had the same probability irrespective of race or server, but one of the steps beyond +10 (brilliant, prism, or something) varied quite a bit.

    I puzzled about this and eventually concluded it was NCSOFT managing the economy. The event added a lot of high value loot, but I discovered the servers/races where the event added the most were the ones that were lagging in usage and health of the economy.

    NCSOFT didn't say the statistics varied and I didn't post anything at the time. I did feel some players were getting "cheated," if you can call it that, because there were postings on the forums about how lucrative the event was, but a player on the wrong race/server might be destined to get only 20% as much loot.

    The previous authors in this thread seem not to realize that statistics can vary.

    I have no idea if the statistics actually vary this year. With the current rules, it'd be really hard to get 1200 snowballs. I see people above claiming 3000 snowballs, I had snowballs on all the races/servers.

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