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  1. The Last Petition RIP Oct 29, 2015

    I actually dealt with that back when i was on TM-E. At least back then the system didn't force us into following them. The coalition system is the real problem here it seems.
  2. The Last Petition RIP Oct 29, 2015

    Because Ranks 4-10 share a coalition kisk cooldown, we are usually only able to drop one even if we do siege. Because the asmos have access to 4 cooldowns, whenever we engage the asmos we usually find ourselves "backed against a wall" with their second coalition kisk camping ours. Heard WoW's new expansion is coming out, will it actually give the game some good PvP? We shall see i suppose.
  3. The Last Petition RIP Oct 29, 2015

    Paste Line Hopefully The Forum Mod moves this.
  4. The Last Petition RIP Oct 29, 2015

    Just wondering if anyone is feeling as I am. " Nicoodemus Today at 22:33 Long ago I made the terrible decision of re-rolling on the server Beritra with my legion. Back then, I made the decision take my legion and grow among the top legions in Beritra because I wanted a chance to lead and xform. For months I led DreadLegion there until the server fell apart. Everyone went back home, to their respective servers.I felt secluded as a PvPer on Beritra who could never find any pvp and whose faction never sieged. Here I am, years later. Every month I play further I regret a month spent where i had not rerolled back to my home server. I want to continue playing, but I feel as though again wasting time with a faction that is doing nothing. KT-E will not siege, and the players and legions have no union. We are unable to siege because you have created a system where the top amongst us must lead. The top 3 leaders of KT-E never show up, so we lose without commander buffs and extra coalition kisks easily. I have stood around too long waiting on NCsoft to create a system that fixes things. Instead, you made it worse with the Coalition system. Please allow me to pay my dues, collect my belongings and GP and go back to my home server to finish this game's remainder years, or I am finished playing permanently and moving on to a new MMO after 9 years. I know some of the things related to balancing server and faction populations is complicated. I hope that someone there at NCsoft can take seriously what me and my friends are seeing, and what i mean by this next statement. I was a closed beta tester, I've been through the game's thick and thin, but the game you are pushing forward now has made me resent what this game has become. The company has over-crossed the line, as it did in Lineage 2, by giving completely in to the Pay2Win user. The gear access you give them in the new enchant system, where items break, works as a great business plan. However, if you continue as far as to secede and give them all power over the faction, you will see great losses. We can no longer siege due to the Pay2Win users who live in Saudi Arabia, of whom do not play during siege, because they do not show up for siege. For the love of God you guys are pissing me off please adapt. " RIP (Meant to put this topic in General Discussion but hopefully people will reply)
  5. Solo ways to farm kinah?

    where are they?
  6. Solo ways to farm kinah?

    Thanks this helps alot!
  7. Solo ways to farm kinah?

    Hey guys, Im just now coming back into Aion after a year or so, giving 5.0 another shot with the merge. Im level 72 at the moment and I am finding it hard to actually come across any kinah. I'm kind of blind to the new methods, and world drops dont seem to cut it the way they used to. Any suggestions? Master Alchemy Expert Essence & Aether