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  1. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    This version NA has does not follow any shit from korea or any other region. Our enchant rate is terrible, not the same as KR had in 6.2, its nerfed way beyond that. All other regions including KR has shards for 16,000 kinah, why can't we? You really think this has nothing to do with NC West and its all on Korea? The reason why I think the rates and prices of stuff is so absurd is because of how NA differs from other region. KR and EU was pay to play, even if EU was "free to play," you required a gold pack to basically do anything. Therefore, being pay to play they were unable to farm the amount that NA is able to farm. The amount of toons available to spam events in KR and EU is much lower. So NA has a huge amount of enchant stones per player as compared to other regions. As for kinah, NA is the most inflated region for reasons such as having more available toons to NPC stuff for kinah and events. Also, NA is the most unregulated server. There has been many ways people were just able to farm tons of kinah and enchantment stones with the use of third-party program. That's my theory for why enchant rates are so terrible and why our broker fees and shards cost so much. They want to reduce the total amount of available stones and kinah in the economy. While trying to control these things, they end up hurting players that did not stash away a huge amount of kinah or enchant stones.