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  1. 7.3 2020 still the broker fees at 15% no matter what the influence ratio or who has got what camps/altars/forts the Devs must have failed Maths because they were doodling wings & skins
  2. as a magic class, i would expect to gain a legendary contract suitable to my class but i 'rolled' a melee class contract that has phy att stats..... i should have just sold my 3000 blooms why did i expect a prize that i would be happy with???
  3. lost count of how much content has been changed & deleted, & how many times i have been devo'd by the changes i gave up trying when i had to choose Danaria or Katalam like floating in the poo ponds, i just go through the motions
  4. afk event collectors, nobody playing/helping afk inside group/alli/league for AP/GP/reward, so many of this, half are not playing when needed, even in dredge group of 6 there are afkers for no reason, no reward, worst is cleric with lead is afk, nobody to mark,lead,heal, and can't get lead passed.
  5. have you noticed on the character selection page, so much space is used for Aion advertising, the 8 chars have been squeezed into a scroll window. this is lunacy and so typical of Aion. but the left side or column is adverts and the right side or column is squashed tiny,lol, i regret knowing this is stupid but still logon anyway. why is the font so illegible? poss the worst font in history, even doctors can't write worse font. can't tell a i from a I or l < see what i mean?
  6. if you play the game, maybe you could go to your toon and try it? you have nothing better to do here?
  7. @Mayinne-DN, you might not have any relevant info for this thread, your post is...uninformative
  8. ^ this dude Johngunmad-KT is a nub push 'o' for system menu, choose 'options', choose 'interface', tick 'Display Low Level Quests', click APPLY, OK. fyi the key F10 can open your world.
  9. everytime new stuff comes out, the stats are decreased in important specs. i have some really old stuff i have passed down to alts, that are lvl65 and way better than Daeva mythic lvl75, accessories. not even enchanted.
  10. lvl45....u were told but u probly clicked it away b4 reading it
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