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  1. In your opinion and experience, which faction is being the most populated one in 6.2? The new server seems extremely low compared to Katalam and Danaria. So... Asmo-Kata Elyos-Kata? Asmo-Dana Elyos-Dana?
  2. Hello. I'm trying to return to Aion, and I config the game to my native resolution which is 3840x2160. I config the resolution, full screen mode, graphics and UI. Then I close the game and open again, the game is 800X600. No matter what I do, whenever I config resolution and open the game back, it does not save the "3840x2160". I have: GTX 1070 Nvidia, latest driver I3 6100 16GB RAM SSD 250GB SAMSUNG EVO 850 no problem with hardware so far. Please help! Also the UI is still small even in 130%, why NCsoft couldn't let us adjust even to 200%!??
  3. GM-san, I know i'm taking a discussion in progress here from nowhere, but I think many of us returning players expect a new server, so we have slightly chance to enjoy game with competitivity. I think you should at least create a poll about new server. Consider it.
  4. Hi guys, old playing coming back to aion. I heard merge is coming soon and the new servers are IS+TM+KR and SL+BR. I just wanted to ask you guys which server would be the most popular after merge? Can we expect to have more action on Siel, regardless of the merge of others? I also don't know how balanced is Siel on Asmo/Elyos wise. So I wanted to hear your opinion about how it would be after merge in both servers.
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