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  1. I think PvP should be skilled based not gear based. Gear should make your job easier, but if you suck at PvP a lesser geared player should still be able to kill you. You should not be 1 or 2 shot because of gear difference. That is not what PvP is all about. If I'm really good at PvP I should be able to kill anyone, no matter what gear they are wearing. If I suck at PvP I should not be able to 1 or 2 shot someone because I outgear them. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I don't think we'll see too much lower level griefing because, quite frankly, you aren't at a lower level long enough. You get two or more levels just turning in quests. Easy to hit 60 in one day. However, I have been the spectator (a dead spectator) watching a maxed level toon in Enshar killing everyone inside the main starting area. She just dodged all the guards attacks, so it is happening. I wouldn't even bother rifting unless you want to see what the opposing lands look like.
  3. I'm sorry to say, but we're back to square one when this game first came out. It was zerg squads, gank squads from both sides of the aisle. Then came the FTS, now that's gone and it's back to zergs and ganks. Being good at solo pvp isn't worth crap if you have a zerg after you or your screen lags out. You might have to find times when not so many people are on, unless you work, then your kinda stuck with trying to quest when you get home. I used to wait until the next patch came out because my video card is so bad. I hate corpse running; such a waste of time. Otherwise try to
  4. It's been like this since day one, which is why they introduced the FTS. Then players could either PvP or PvE and not be forced to do either. With the destruction of AION and all the maps, we are back to the old ways which made a lot of people unhappy. As far as I know, this is the only MMORPG which forces you into only one path. All the other ones I play have options for PVP only, PVE only or a combo of both. They have multiple paths to play, where AION took all those away. Since my video card doens't handle zergs worth a darn, I don't PvP at all. Have never been able to do sieges
  5. I don't think we should have to level up anymore. I am getting two to three levels for quest turn in, no lore that makes sense and nothing else to do. We should start out at max level and instance and pvp only. Then devs would only have one map to manage, since they like to destroy previous work. It would save them time, money, and resources.
  6. They should never have done away with the FTS. Then players who want to pvp can pvp to their hearts content and those that don't also get their hearts content. Win/Win. Now it's back to the way it was in the very beginning with higher levels ganking ppl who have no chance at all. LOSE/LOSE. Just my 2cents
  7. Daeva of Cosmetics is over by the piano in pandemonium. She sells hair/skin dyes.
  8. Where do you learn Aetherforging? Or what level? I haven't seen anything or maybe I'm not in the right zone??? Thanks
  9. Shower caps !?!? Damn straight skippy. I running to get me some of that....ummm wait, I don't have a shower in my house. Guess I won't be going for those caps after all. Well, tried to upgrade my gear. The RNG gods still hate me. My lower level toons are just gonna have to be sucky for a while longer, if I can still stand to play this game. I think they should have kept the old zones, and not wasted all their time trying to re-write history. Would have cost them a lot less, and new players would have gotten to enjoy the AION we all knew and loved....or hated.
  10. Thanks. I wondered why it was so hard. Back to the grindstone.
  11. Where is everyone hanging out? Logged in to a lower level toon (none at max yet) and there is no one anywhere in Panda, or the Enshar, Gelk or Herion???? Is everyone at end game level, or is no one playing anymore???
  12. Returning player here with lvl 62 and not so good gear. The first dragon boss??? just 4 shot me. As a ranger, I have to stand still to cast my skills with a few exceptions. Any help on this boss is appreciated. Not sure why it's a solo instance?? Was it before 6.2??? Thanks. edit: It's Calindi Flamelord. I have the old lvl 56 resurgent davea gear on. No fancy stuff.
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