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  1. @Cyan Is the aggro/hate generation for this instance still based on oldest account (created date)?
  2. last years event details and rewards: (no it was not as rewarding as sft by far) http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/08082017-secrets-of-the-ancients.php
  3. they break when u fail. kept mine at +3. dior got his to +5 when this weapon was relevant
  4. Add: L80 weapon/armor/acc wraps - these are in the database already mythic grade AP item extraction tools - got rank 1 65 mythic stuff sitting around need that ap back
  5. Gogorunerk's Guantlet....what/when/where is it?
  6. Probably been posted before...I main an assassin and my buffs, specifically run/attack/crit scrolls, continually get overwritten in group play. If there is a chanter, I will almost always lose scrolls. The rate is lower if a songweaver is in group; if both classes are in group then I have no quick duration buff usage due to limited slots. Suggesting adding more buff slots or separating buffs to different groups such as: Grp 1 - scrolls, candy, food, drink, Grp 2 - Buffs with duration under 15 seconds, Grp 3 - Buffs with duration over 5 minutes.
  7. Adma/TTC/DL are ~50% chance at 1 omega per run, I don't have data on FP due to lack of runs. 3.5 omegas per toon per week without pack. Also should note that I clear with leader loot/normal and loot pet while soloing these places, also do the the bosses for slim chance at tempering solution ~10% and all the DE.
  8. Here is ~350 stigmas I did BEFORE the event: Today DURING the event it took me ~150 stigmas to finish off Apply Lethal Venom, Sigil Strike, Lightning Slash, Scoundrel Bond to +9 each. Rate seems same if not better but thats just my experience. Also I kept the same "base" stigma for each enchant and feel that some are "luckier" than the others.
  9. I wouldn't say "alot better", marginal at best. Plus you have to temper the Harvester to +5 to purify and they can break + cost of soulstones.
  10. Aoe also has a % pve modifier like sauro and ua racks.
  11. @Junne-ISThe "major" potions are used in as reagent for mopping in a static design to "fine" grade. the superior morph uses fine pots as reagent. The reason the morph is in the database but not in game is because "fine" pots are static and no longer available thus making the superior morph obsolete. @Bogel-KRThe crit scrolls were changed a few years ago downgrading the crit given for both melee and caster. There is no "major" grade crit scroll anymore, only "fine" and "greater"
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