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  1. I've looked at other posts, where did you see that?
  2. What's going on here ? Can you please address it, even if it's not something we want to hear, i have 40 tokens, costed a lot of experience marks and kinah and time, you told us it's going to end on the 2nd, and we organized accordingly... Just answer us, the lack of communication is horrendous, you're a big rich company, please act it.
  3. The playerbase you guys have is small, don't let your incompotence ruin it for your playerbase, you're not a small company, stop acting like one, i really hope this thread gets responded to.
  4. I know... it used to happen, but once in a while, but jesus , i've " Play game " 30 times today,
  5. Excuse my terrible description, but you probably all know what i'm talking about and this bug is annoying me, i literally had to " Play game 10 times " to get the game client to open, what's the fix?
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