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  1. this game used to be actually interesting I would spend hours a night playing it because the paths you could take the things to do were almost infinite now after the last patch the story changed there is ONLY ONE PATH...and its COMPLETELY LAME it does NOT require critical thinking or strategizing....simply put its been completely dumbed down...went from 6 or 7 regions (Morheim Altgard...etc) to like 4 and those 4 have a pre defined game path with NO side quests that "add" to the story and let you get any extra rewards at all... the mobs and monsters don't drop kinah they just drop complete rubbish ...no crafting (that actually was interesting) no essence tapping... no Aethertapping (that was interesting too as it took you developing timing and skill flying) I haven't played this game since the latest patch very much and basically have lost interest in it AFTER that patch because of its complete loss of "being interesting"...NC SOFT... if you want to actually make money off this game go back to BEFORE 6.x and BUILD ON THAT … make it MORE interesting instead of LESS interesting