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  1. I use around 300 ancients to put 10 pieces +10 and 2 to +15, then I stopped counting. So no, I don't think its broken, its RNG, I've already failed 3 ultimates in a row (+13 up) on leg gear, but in the other hand, already put pieces to +15 without failing a single stone(+10 to +15). It's just there are more ppl enchanting now, try to enchant at a hour that there isn't many ppl online, or if its failing too much try it later, don't brute force, that will only make you spent more enchants. EDIT: This is my own experience, I had time that I tried to bruteforce and waste a lot of resourc
  2. I kinda agree, not all items, most of they are already no-brokerable, they shouldn't change that, keep some like skins, heavy stigma box etc... I agree that the coins u get on event to exchange, they should be account tradeable, the rest could be as the same since it would be a lot of more changes and harder to apply it right now. and KR 7.2 already made that change(fighting spirit, craft related, etium etc...) info: https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/view?articleId=867770&viewMode=list&size=20 So until we get that patch(prob. next year NA is getting, EU is wor
  3. Hi there @Cyan, U guys have outdone yourself this time... U've done 2 things on maintenace. 1 everyone is talking about it( coins no brokeable, I kinda agree if they were ACCOUNT TRADEABLE , but if they arent u shouldnt mess with this.) But that for me isn't the major screw up. U said on stream that we would have 13 SLOTS, and along the way it has been changed to 12 without any explanation whatsoever. You take 2 WEEKS TO FIX IT and change it. U could say, sorry we made a mistake we can only add 12. Anything... but u say nothing... I guess EU had this bug(12 instead of 13), they
  4. You know that u have prestige cases and prestige suplies? (different stuff) U gain prestige cases by being log in the first 30min each day and prestige coins for 2/3hrs logged in. Prestige supplies u gain from killing bosses on instances, @Cyan doesn't metion prestige supplies.
  5. Hey @Cyan what about prestige suplies? They arent dropping anymore, is supposed to or not?
  6. I will be added on 7.2, shugo's mansion(something like that) it will be hard asf 12 ppl dungeon
  7. yes it drops all the pieces but its a different set/skin, From Stella u get full Sovereign's set, From PF/IDD u only get those pieces, and name is Skyflame. In the end they have same stats different names. When we get PF hard mode it will drop earings as well. Right now, acc and weapon best crafted for pve. Here is the item guide:
  8. the ultimate that drops from IDD/PF have same stats as Stella lab, VT is still pre 7.0 stats. But IDD/PF only drops gloves/shoulders/shoes/pants and rate is lower. Stella lab easy has chance of dropped ultimate, Stella lab normal drops 2 ultimates and has chance of dropping a third U can check this info in item guide, menu(ingame, new feature they implemented, really good to track items) it's not just the attack/defense increase( both +0 I would go to the new), the new one has more attack(total, base+pve), more defense and more accuracy
  9. not the most accurate. if your faction wipes the other u don't need to be top dps on boss and if same faction is the one who most contributed(killing mobs/gates and dps on boss)**
  10. This problem seems to be happening on KT since yesterday crash
  11. IDD and PF aren't end game anymore, u drop 4 legendarys from each instance now and have a chance to drop ultimate. they are the new "BOS/FM" so if u see in this pespective it's way better. IDD is suppose to have more entrances(all other regions have). Stella Lab is the new end game( new "PF") instance, if you learn the mechanics and full legendary(new) with some ultis u can do it easy. Stella Lab on normal mode is 2 ultimates drops with chance of dropping a third. From PVE side this patch, on instances, you need to learn to do the mechanics, not hard, but if not done is HK
  12. I'm a sorc, the skill that gets flaged is a debuff from a skill so impossible to hack there, if it's the same skill doesn't matter if happens more than 1, u won't get flaged(red). If you analise the details of the session u can clearly see the diff between who's using no animation and who isn't. This problem didn't happen on EU because diff. name. Update you dps meter, it's already fixed.
  13. 1 skill only trigger a blue exclamation mark, only 10+ make red mark and says is using no animation(https://myaion.eu/AnimationSpeed)
  14. Guys like this( blue exclamation point are confirmed, u need more data to confirm or not(can be false positive the blue ones) Red ones are using no animation for sure.
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