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  1. Had this happen to an alt. Should be doing blue quests to get some new gear. No need to reroll a new toon. @Racerteg-DN tu equipo de arma/armadura/accesorios viejos ya no sirven. Tenés que hacer quests azules que son más fáciles y ponerte el equipo nuevo que te den, sino los bosses te van a hacer mierda y vos no los vas ni a tocar
  2. While you're at it, you could check the broker to find out why known players (mains, ranked, geared) are putting low cost items for sale at ridiculous prices, like an Ancient Guiding Stone for 2 billion kinah. We've all seen the bots so RMT is still a thing. We can see it on public display now, should be easier for a GM to check these and take action.
  3. Suck it up. You already enjoyed the priviledges you paid for back then, and are still enjoying them now thanks to NCWest lowering the required enchantment levels for your compensatory gear. What else do you want, a blanket and a foot rub too? If you were a real good and competitive player you would want more people to be able to be on your level to, you know, have real fights? Also, this is an mmo, you're supposed to be grinding too, not living off some gifted OP gear you got from spending money on a previous patch.
  4. Totally agree. If a lot of people cancel their prestige pack and stop spending on the BCM, it will be noticed. Well I always say even if we don't directly contribute any money to the company, the hours spent playing, interacting with other players by pvping or forming groups to run instances, or join sieges, it all counts into making the game fun for everyone, including the "big whales". What's an mmo without players? This game is going bad because NCSoft is all about money grabbing right now instead of keeping their playerbase relatively happy. Yes... even when we had servers comp
  5. My partner and I were talking about the state of the game, and came to this conclusion... if1 "big whale" who spends 1000 dollars a month equals 65 prestige players, this business model is giving them more money than subscription ever did, didn't even take into account moderate Ncoin purchasers. So yeah, free players like myself don't matter, prestige players don't matter, it is all about pleasing the big whales because by having a handful of them already makes up for the rest of the servers population. The other day I came across a website where former NCWest employees would rate the com
  6. ohhh ok you're really low level! If I were you I would just remake my toon to get the gear, as leveling is quite fast. But it's up to you. The gear I told you about is for levels 66+
  7. What's your level? You can purchase/farm Library gear that is better than leveling gear, plus it can be socket with the new manstones. If you use +6 manastones which are cheap you're good to go. And Apollon accesories. Everything can be bought from the broker, and most of it can be easily farmed.
  8. It's not the players fault. Event was poorly designed. People are just trying to play and get geared. It's like blaming players who p2w heavily for making the game not fun for the rest of us, it is the company that allowed such mechanics to occur. I used to think this was all NCWest fault, but after reading some of this, I can see the blame is on NCSoft Korea that won't allow them to make ANY decisions. Seems like we're doomed, 'cause it doens't look like things will get better.
  9. Let's temper and enchant our gear with the imaginary items we farmed from the Tia Eye event!
  10. That's how I feel after not losing my time with this event... lol
  11. The problem is not the players, but the game... there used to be a time where p2w was still acceptable, and free players who would rather grind their gear would eventually catch up to those who invested in Ncoin, could get their endgame gear and enjoy it for a few months before the next update went live. It gave us (free players) a reason to keep grinding to become stronger. With P2W as it is now, it's a waste of time to play the game without paying, there's no way you can catch up with everything that has to be enchanted, purified, tempered... you even need to get the strongest minion and als
  12. Leave fatties being league loot for lowies (and change items to event/untreadable to prevent afk farm), increase spawn rate and coins dropping from regular, soloeable mobs so you give more geared players the option to run around soloing, make the repeatable pvp quest also reward coins for those who prefer to pvp. Make both Suna fights give a nice coin reward also to encourage faction unity... There were lots of ways to make this more fun... increasing prices 20x times just killed the event.
  13. Such a shame. The event had good potential, had it been group loot only from the start. Joined a league yesterday night, running from fattie from fattie... almost fell asleep. Started wondering if this was my idea of a good time on a Saturday night... just had to log off and go do something else. Really sad.
  14. NCSoft should just roll back the servers (along with all items obtained) to before mainteinance. The event wasn't on even for half a day before they took it down. I'm sure everyone who was farming like mad still had nothing better to do with their time, otherwise they wouldn't be playing Aion. I thought the event was gonna be fun like old Tia Eye was, instead I found a map full of lumpen running together in league jumping from fattie to fattie all day. There wasn't even any pvp to be had. Whoever has been playing this game for the past years must've known FREE rewards being handed out so
  15. Like what? Log two clients on my computer and an extra one on my laptop? My laptop is slow, so given the chance I rather use my personal computer to launch all three clients. Apparently, XINGCODE3 can't be sandboxed, so the innability to run more than two clients has nothing to do with it being ilegal, but the fact that it's no longer technically possible.
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