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  1. No point. You can see the SL-A streamers LFG for over an hour to fill a DP group. It might be better but it's still bad.
  2. Game's already F2P and P2W. It should go full sub-only and remove p2w aspects.
  3. If you're a glad you might want to come to IS-asmo. We take them to fill the slot even if they're rocking a level 35 kromede's weapon and make no contribution at all, which a lot of them do lol. Get a chance at your bakarma drop for free while being carried! We also have like 1 no animation hacker who applies to the groups and everybody knows him and his alts. Definately the healthier server.
  4. Working as intented. Can't read all the complaints about hackers, ap traders and server being dead in LFG. Genius move, NCsoft.
  5. ehh... no. AP is shared in mass pvp fights so the gain is minimal. Killing a Rank 1 on your own gives you like 1.700 AP each time.
  6. LOL no, people in that level range have no ap on them, mostly ranks 8 or 7. I made a lowie, rifted, AP gain was garbage, moved on.
  7. That person is a troll, don't feed them just use the "ignore user" function and you won't ever read them.
  8. This. I'm actually having a very good time, playing with my husband (who I met in this game), trying to complete all quests, leveling our crafts, doing it at our own pace which is why we chose Israphel. Already played with all the big wallet pvp heroes in Tia/Danaria, all the big legions, the big names who came out positive in Aidpsmeter. Been there, done that, not interested. The game we love but the way the company is handling everything we know we won't be staying long, and it's ok, we came back for nostalgia and will remain for as long as we think it's worth our time and money, which won't
  9. The game is handled like a private server. One would expect with so much money being paid they'll hire a few more people to take care of things, guess they just don't care.
  10. Had the sendlog from death happen at the first succesful siege IS asmos had today and couldn't log back in anymore. Had to delete lots of files for my client to work again. This game is doomed. This forum needs a block/silence function so we're not forced to interact with this troll.
  11. Nah, we just don't live in our parents basements and have all the time in the world to play. Most people playing this game are over 30, we have real lives.
  12. This. The only reason I came back was because I thought it was gonna be subscription based and a better service like back when people were afraid of RMTing and hacking because there were actual GMs running around doing shit. Go full sub, remove candies, make people work for their shit, they already got retail for p2w easy and fast gearing up.
  13. No animation speed hacking full parties of bots, saw a few beating actual rifters in pvp, was funny lol. tell him to write to support@aiononline.com with his account details (from the email he's using to log in), they'll ask him proof of account ownership and unban him right away. It's annoying but he won't even lose Siel Aura time as they pause it while blocked.
  14. IS Asmos need 50% more of our current population to be able to compete. We're 400, we need 200 more to get even with you and that's A LOT. Siel on the other hand seems like their numbers are even, Asmos just have all their big organized legions there. Blaming the lack of numbers in "poor leadership" is just delusional. You're winning because there's more of you, not because you're smarter.
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