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  1. Still don't know how to change mi name here, feeling a bit useless rn. Thanks @Covidfree-DN for the tip but I don't know where to access my inventory? in the forum? feeling like a noob @Szellemoon-DN I know there's no /need/ for more maps but it was actually fun. I can't find the fun in just levelling very fast and then the ultimate goal being just gear up your character. Before, you could match a more geared char if you had some "basic" armour if you were skilled enough, now I've lost count of the things you need. First they implemented the plume, then a lot of other things, it seems imp
  2. Hi! So I quit playing when I was yoooounger, back in the old good days lol, but a few days ago I wanted to play a MMORPG again. I tried a lot of them because I didn't want to go to what I already knew, but none of the games I tried was as fun as I remembered Aion, so I downloaded it again aaaaand, for my surprise, I was completely different. I MEAN, of course I was expecting changes after SIX years, but what I didn't expect was a complete removal of most of the maps in Elysea/Asmodae. I enjoyed the path of leveling so much, it wasn't very quick but also not slow, and it wasn't very diffic
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