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  1. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    I completely understand how you feel and I am angry myself, but even if Gideon I think was really a 'fat nyerk' like you said its just going a bit too far. I just hope NCsoft does the right thing and compensate the Asmodians by giving us the fortress.
  2. Minion Contracts on the BCM

    You literally have to pay several hundreds if not thousands. its skewed that only big whales can do this. Why you think it gives so much minium compared to the amount of minion contracts you need.
  3. Duet effects

    This only promotes doubles, as oppose to having a spread of classes. For example why have the option of a glad and AT when double AT is better. The only ones that are problematic are Spiritmaster and chanter. This can be mitigated if there is a debuff charge/ stacks system which will help SM's and as for chanter mantras not much can be done except allowing 5 mantras. Your suggestions will only cause more unbalances, I mean double HP for all plate if there's two Templars... Seriously?
  4. Minion Contracts on the BCM

    Sorry but you can't be taken seriously. You have to open so much contracts just to get an A and then there's the hard task of getting growth energy to upgrade them. Its too hard for anyone, you literally have to paying SO MUCH just to even advance.
  5. What a great guide, makes me think about making an Aethertech especially with Kumuki and XP weekend coming up.