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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki what?? the anniversary event will begin next week, it's too late. what if we collected coins for things we like and it ended in 30th sep? Oh my God
  2. Vandal Skill Skin

    we don't have skill skin! that's why we need skill skins!
  3. Feedback: Event Thread

    @Kibbelz @Loki So make great events but we need a ultimate transformation contract selection box ( 4 types ), Korea Event already had it! And make the stigma enchantment event, cause we enchanted any stigmas and failed too much! @Loki , See as I told you
  4. Transformation Update

    Stop having to fight, everyone just gives suggestions and the GM and CM just decide as they read! If people are still fighting the GM and CM probably ignore the suggestions! Just let the GM and CM think about the suggestions before decide! So I agree with all people who had ideas and suggestions to post! lol :3
  5. about GP from the arenas, there's no bring back the gp in the arenas, because Korea changed everything and there's no GP reward in Korea! Well about legendary and ultimate enchantment stone, they are expensive in the prestige shop and impossible to get more of the enchantment stone, it's 800 or 900 prestige coins in legendary and 3000 prestige coins in ultimate! 1 stone = 3000? One One One .. and also manastone is expensive! Btw the stuff from the prestige shop are cheap in the Europe! So that is problem from The NA ncsoft! However.. the stigma enchantment stone costs 90 nightmare coins is in the event but but but.. legendary and ultimate enchantment are expensive lol..
  6. Transformation Update

    BRAVO YES.. all everything came from Korea.. Of course aion is made by Korea.. The NA and Europe did what Korea did! ... And yeah they made it difficult to enchantment and no transformation....
  7. Transformation Update

    who knows they will remove transformation in the future lol..
  8. Transformation Update

    I AGREE WITH YOU! it would be better if Aion have good managers! Well it's not NA's fault but KOREA'S FAULT! Of course Aion made by korea because they made more more more new things and update fast and p2w!! And NA and Europe copied Korea to update their game!
  9. I'm agree about the transformations.. The rates are really very low, you @Kibbelz should increase rate more a bit!! I just combined 6 ancient transformations and I got nothing I meant I never get legendary transformation after it! And increase rate more on enchantment for gear! I can't believe.. is that joke? I just bought 3 ultimate pve stones and enchanted to my some gear with it but all failed and 3 gone! ? ?? Nothing!..
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    LOL?? the renown won't reset anymore, but the shop yeah resets in every monday
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    @Kibbelz Minium Vault is bugged
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    @Kibbelz Are you joke? https://imgur.com/NPmCRA6 I think no.. added new things in the renown shop and the purchase is resets every monday instead of wednesday
  13. Hello, did anyone solve this quest? https://imgur.com/uSW3XoP
  14. Server bugged.... again

    @Kibbelz @Loki I'm wondering when will you fix the katalam server? It still bugged until now..