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  1. @KibbelzYou are all missing the real problem. the problem is not the luna instance, the only reason there s a bot doing luna is because it s the only way of making kinah from nothing. the real problem is How to make kinah on Aion nowadays. Solo instance and sell stuff it s not worth it, ultimate item cost less than 10m. All I want to know is, can u still craft kinah bundle with luna? if It s a Yes, then you just going to create another problem, Auto-hunt is coming and people will use it to do the lugbug quest and carry on craft the kinah bundle so you solve nothing. Also You will break the e
  2. Thanks, I will do it. But still, disappointing.
  3. Am I the only who got F k d and the minion was sent to the toon that I didn't want to? Why the reward wasn't sent through Survey so I could choose which toon I want it? When we think that NC is listening and doing some right, little things like that happens.
  4. Clearly you don't speak English, drop this video bro.
  5. Am I the only not getting prestige coins for being logged? @Kibbelz @Hime
  6. 4 Hours and 13 minutes, It should be enough to deliver the ultimate contracts. You had one job in this Wed and You failed. Again
  7. Dear Nc, Do you even read what you post? Why Nerf the drop rate of Titan coin and titan coin shard dropped from mobs? I do understand if you say that in Korea is this way But in Korea this same patch brought the auto-hunt system, so Why? About this new event buff, what s the point on that?Cos sieges on friday that is mean Cleric/Chanters kicking arses In gelk sieges. In the patch notes there s no info about the skill changes for Vandals. @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki
  8. Two new ultimate transformation incoming and mostly of the players don't even have the older ones. Are we a joke to you? is it funny to see our struggle to get legendary transformations? to see us begging for event who gives transformation as rewards?simply because it s almost impossible to get or farm in game. @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki
  9. @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki Prestige players dont get anything else on this event?
  10. Agreed with all that was written here.
  11. Damn, where s all the information about? like duration? Also Since the GP season is resetting are you implementing the new siege time? cos it should be or some people like me will be behind in the GP farming also Rank. No news about Abyssal Splinter?
  12. Calm Down, it was a joke about the time took to do the maintenance, it was 2hours + 30min + 4 hours, that is time enough to do a full 7.7 update.
  13. Maintenance extended for 4 hours, Damn, 7.7 is here and we didn't know, I hope they fix Abyssal definitely they have enough time to do it so.
  14. lol, why so defensive and aggressive? you don't even play this game, you just play on forums.
  15. Since Im posting here I didnt get ban right? pure logic. Also I heard that some people got perma ban and after they appeal, their perma ban got reversed to 7-days, but why if they got caught. Basically what I understand with that, just dont get caught you can cheat.
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