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  1. we canot play on alts... if we are on alt and got a token this token canot be moved to main LOL
  2. I hope GameForge buy NC rights to admin the aion NA
  3. I've known Shotbot for a long time, it's sad to see your frustration with the situation you're going through, for making a joke in the chat (as you always do) and I feel much sadder to see the evilness of people taking the time to report a joke that the friend did it, aiming only to harm the next, the same ones who are playing aion every day, having fun, I can't understand so much badness in the person for making a complaint like this to his own game partner... Shotbot is playing daily, he is always involved with the faction leaders to help get things done, he is known as a good and influential player who is greatly missed on the asmodian side, where we have no leaders and no organization, but even so this guy does it is possible and impossible to unite people through chat, which, ridiculously for making a joke, had its account reported by a player... impossible to believe in such a thing... Our game community is already small, and even so, people don't hesitate to act mean because of a joke... You can see that this Shotbot guy is an active player, everyone knows him, he plays every day and he has many friendships in the game. Please, return this guy's account and do all the analysis possible to verify that you are wrong in your ban. If possible, apply a lighter penalty, so you can pay for your mistake, an account block for a few days, but not this permanent ban.
  4. @KibbelzYou are all missing the real problem. the problem is not the luna instance, the only reason there s a bot doing luna is because it s the only way of making kinah from nothing. the real problem is How to make kinah on Aion nowadays. Solo instance and sell stuff it s not worth it, ultimate item cost less than 10m. All I want to know is, can u still craft kinah bundle with luna? if It s a Yes, then you just going to create another problem, Auto-hunt is coming and people will use it to do the lugbug quest and carry on craft the kinah bundle so you solve nothing. Also You will break the economy, there s ppl that have 100b+ in the server those ppl will control the market for a long long time. The real fix is complicated, 1st you would have to reset the kinah, 2nd give us a way of making kinah but the way you can control the in flux, ex: instance drop, sell loot, You have a week cap per account. and so on
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