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  1. I would like to share my Ultimate manastone that I got from the survey. Sometimes I think that we are all a huge joke for Nc. Like auto-hunt on Timeless but the auto hunt doesnt capture the souls which is the main point of farming there. https://gyazo.com/f78a6d0373e49eeb407ef2e3f6ed05e8
  2. Honestly, who came up with this idea? Auto-hunting will now be available in the Timeless Terrace zone. The auto-hunting UI will be present throughout the game, but the system will not activate outside Timeless Terrace. First of all, the mobs there, they are in packs of at least 4 mobs, If Im going to turn the Auto hunt on and have to watch it what is the sense of that?
  3. nice try Golden, You should put your effort on creating a new account and playing the game instead of flaming on forum and beggin for ppl´s account.
  4. Ohh god last week of the event, funny to see that ppl still dont read the info on the website. But let me tell what did u lose. Basically you could spend the day collecting flowers, 1000 petals you can buy 1 legendary contract (10types) 1 per toon per week, You could keep farming and buying the contract on your alts as well, If you try hard you could have 12 legendary contracts per week, the petals´s event is ending next week.
  5. Did u need to be that rude? I dont think so. Like I said in the other topic, Toxic community. People are focused on attacking another person than discussing new ideas. also " With all due respect" did u think that would minimize the "Idiot"? English is my second language maybe I'm wrong.
  6. It s funny and typical of our community, they rather flame another player than focus on the problem. the Lack of empathy is absurd. This game would be a lot better if our community wasn't so toxic. Put yourself on his shoes, If u would have bought the item on broker with a fair price, how can you be blamed for it? How can you know that the item was product of exploit? Like other ppl said, Ban the item and the source of the item, not players who bought it for fair price, like the author did.
  7. How can we know that the item put on broker is true or exploit? I do understand that the item +15 came for sure by exploit but the item +7 it s completely possible in game, many people have the item +7, +8 or even +10 in game already. Basically I wouldn't buy any item Paragon from now on, Cos there s no way of us players to know where it came from. clearly this is hurting the game and breaking even more.
  8. wrong, You must combine two same transformation runes in order to get the prime one back. Ex: Rune Kaisinel + Rune Kaisinel = Rune kaisinel. (tested)
  9. @Kibbelz @Loki We need answers.
  10. Result of Paragon +10 https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantPlayfulSageOSkomodo-rMzE9MKDfAaXBbBq https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantPlayfulSageOSkomodo-rMzE9MKDfAaXBbBq Let s laugh, shall we?
  11. Hiyo, @Kibbelz Just a suggestion, why dont you remove the weekly kinah cap on vendors, just while we have this event?
  12. No, you will get only the ultimate since the prime is for the people who got the ultimate transformation combining during the promotion event.
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