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  1. Patch Notes 7.2

    They do not give us the patch notes, cause they do not want us to be able to prepare. Hence why I am stuck with 279 Pandora Mark's.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    @taha-DN exactly. However, it's ok Tah. Do not sweat it. You know how NCSoft is? One would have a better chance of constructing a jumbo jet 747 by running a tornado through a junk yard, than, getting anything worth it from an Aion event. Events are not run for the players. They are created for a way to increase revenue. It's all just power plays to manipulate the gamer for the money they pay. NcSoft use to at least wait a year or so before making gear pretty much obsolete. They've upped it to what? 3 months? jeabus. And of course no compensation to all the people who where in the middle of those quests. Meh
  3. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    @emu-DN,DOH! LOL. Sry man my bad. I thought the 6.5 was your correction to bufDaddy, as to how many years it would take to make 5 Star. Again my apologies. Laughing at my self, now. Should have had that coffee 1st! Right.
  4. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    Actually, under the current system you will never make 5 star by just acquiring GP. The only way to make 5 star from 4 star, or any lower rank, would be to have every one above you drop out by not acquiring 800 GP for that month. Ex. Lets say I am a Rank 258 4 Star. The only way for me to at least rank 100 ( lowest 5 star ranking ) and become 5 star would for every ranking person from 257 to 101 to drop out cause they just happened to not acquire enough GP that month to keep rank. Also @emu-DN, your total GP does matter!! What you bring in monthly is just what one must do in order to get ranked again. That's why if 50 people start back up as soon as they acquire 800 GP for the month and they have more GP than you. you will drop 50 ranks!