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  1. Enchantment Stone morphing recipes will be re-added after erroneously being removed in the Unshackled Fate update. Thank you so much for fixing this issue!!
  2. And still NOT fixing the Enchantment stone morphing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? We have to get new gear and no way to enchant. This must be the way you make your millions by trying to force players to buy off of the BCM.
  3. We don't really care about fixing issues of missing subtitles or tutorial quest text getting cut off. WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT ENCHANTMENT STONES. This should be first on your list!!
  4. Still not working!!! What is going on Aion?
  5. For a returning or new player with little no kinah has no chance at this event. We must spend hundreds to get anything from this event. Maybe returning or coming to Aion at this point is worthless. Just my feeling
  6. Not working which is not a surprise at this point
  7. The other problem is that your event quests don't even work. Crimson Katalam is not counting down for the mobs you kill. What is the issue here lol
  8. I have to agree with you. Coming back after 3 years is ruff. Not wanting to pay to win and get destroyed out there.
  9. The new event has stopped the farming groups for Titan coins. They should offer more hour glasses so we can go farm in the other areas. Just saying!!!!
  10. The drop rate for Titan coin is making it almost impossible to get gear for a fresh lvl 80. As a returning player to the game, I am very much sad that I can barely do anything at this point.
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