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  1. @Shaidessa-KT thanks for the thorough explanation! I really appreciate that. I got my updated gear from the using the acorns I have collected lol. Off to leveling then. I don't want to bother you further but should I worry about transmutation right now? I'm not sure what it does because the tutorial you get as a new/returning player isn't very clear. Seems that if I use an old gear there it adds to the transmutation energy but I'm not sure if I should? Can I just throw my old armor there?
  2. OH. So that's what I missed. I think campaign used to give you your equipments so I thought it's still the same. I didn't quite get what the tough acorns are for at first. At least that clears things up a bit. So to get upgraded equipments I have to do the Shugo quests, is that right? And from there just continue progressing through standard quests (to get acorns and XP) and campaign?
  3. Didn't quite catch that, I can't play atm so correct me if I'm wrong, if I just level until the next campaign quest is available then I should have no problem right? Because I can manage that using repeating quests, it is a bit slow since—as you said—I have an old armor and seems that my skills were downgraded somewhere along the way (e.g. my deactivated skill bar has lv. 6 in it but I can only use lv. 3 now) but it is doable just to level up. Can I still get armor from campaign quests from 54 onwards?
  4. Well I mean like class specific guides, not for leveling per se. If it wasn't obvious I wasn't really targeting to level ASAP, but seems like the new update forces you to?
  5. Is the double EXP weekend a one time thing or a recurring event? I didn't notice that. I guess I could do that, there's the prestige pass trial too but I haven't checked if it boosts you or not. Are there any updated guide for new/returning player?
  6. Oh, sorry if I didn't make it clear, I do have campaign quest, but I've already done it and the next one requires me to level up to 54 first. I mean with campaign quests it was always that way, so I'm not bothered by it. What bothers me, though, is the lack of standard quests. At the moment I only have like 2-3 active quests (which are all repeating quests) while the last time I played I could have quite a number of quests racked up in different areas. Probably has to do with how they change the leveling system. I still don't get what they're trying to do. The repeating quests are hardly diffi
  7. Oof that sucks. I did read a lot of players were left hugely disappointed after 6.0 but I wasn't aware of how bad it was until I play it again. Shame, it was such a good game.
  8. I'm on Danaria (Elyos). What do you mean by blank area? Do you mean newer quests that my character doesn't get? I prefer to use my old toon though, out of pure sentimental reason. I'm okay if by using it means I'm a little bit slow to progress compared to making a new one, as long as I can get a pointer of what I can do to catch up with the newer version of the game with my current level. Is that possible? Does the main quest (54 onwards) still give you updated equipment? I'm pretty sure the ones I'm currently wearing are from the previous main quest line.
  9. I used to play this game back in Steel Cavalry days, so I was quite confused after logging in since all my previous quests are invalidated/gone. I had a level 42 gunslinger but... I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do now. My next campaign quest is on level 54 and the quest log told me to do regional quests and reach level 54. So I assume these "regional quests" are the repeating quests ones? Becase I've exhausted those blue marker quests for my level and the only thing left (at least in heiron) are repeating quests. They give massive XP though, which is surprising for Aion. I went to leve
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