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  1. about to leave the aion :(

    It is complicated I do not know what is happening because I do not do much damage to him
  2. about to leave the aion :(

    How did he manage to kill the dragon in the first part with so little blows? I have to massacre it to get some damage.
  3. about to leave the aion :(

    that is the mission Dragon Lord Refuge, My character is asmodian, I can not kill her, I throw everything at her and I do not hurt her very much, she does me a lot of damage.
  4. about to leave the aion :(

    that is my friend, no puedo hacerlo, tengo un ingeniero de éter (elio) con quien logré completar la misión con un error que se produce en ese momento, en el que no me hizo daño.
  5. about to leave the aion :(

    Soy lvl 59, ¿ Where do you advise me to level up ? Así lo decimos a los personajes aquí en argentina.
  6. about to leave the aion :(

    He estado tratando de hacer esa misión maldita durante 3 días. ¿Podría explicarme cómo hacer para hacer esa misión? I'm sorry for my English: D
  7. about to leave the aion :(

    How the shit killed Tiamat alone, if it's too strong?
  8. kill Tiamat

    how to beat tiamat instance in lonely
  9. Tiamat (instance Only)

    ¿Cómo puedo matar a Tiamat? es muy fuerte (solo instancia)
  10. Transfer my character

    I have a problem that I can not enter to play because this authentication of character transfer to another server appears to me.
  11. Transfer my character

    I need help to transfer my character to another server
  12. transfer my PJ

    character character
  13. transfer my PJ

    Hi, I need help to transfer my server PJ
  14. Transferencia de mi PJ

    Hola necesito ayuda para transferir mi PJ de servidor