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  1. What will happen to Luna instance? Remain or disappear? @Everything becomes untradeable" - does it only relate to new gear and stuff, or to old Archdaeva gear too, which is currently tradeable?
  2. Really? So I can use Godstones on them? Thank you!
  3. After some inactivity I turned into a generic user?? Hmm, hmmm
  4. I got this survey about upcoming Events. If it is about Events in August, I wonder why there is no "Ice Hot" event in the list??I t's t my favourite Event, cause it gives scintillating cocktails. I was very frustrated in 2016 because NCSoft didn't make this Event. They had done it in 2013, 2014, 2015, and I want it back!! These cocktails are untradeable so I cannot give them to my new toons! I've been denied of the access to the forums for like a year, it would always write me "invalid login or password", and today I checked it on my other accounts and it was the same useless. Now on
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