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  1. Aww So the type of PVP changed? I'm referring to the big open zones like katalam/danaria/tia etc, huge maps with pvp. Specifically that time/style with Katalam/Danaria sieges, the Blood Mark Camps, the *everywhere pvp* on maps, not instanced, all end game zones were PVP open zones (with safe/zones parts) Is that still a thing? i got real upset when they removed that, someone else mentioned 1map, only 1 zone now open pvp?
  2. Hi guys, I'm an old Aion player, was fanatic in pvp, played from release till 4.8 i believe, i quit with the patch that removed all my favorite regions. At the time i invested so much time in aion i played nearly every day, had full ap gear sets became general on several chars etc, i loved PVPing in Aion. My fondest memories are from Danaria, Katalam, and good old 3.0 Tiamaranta's Eye, loved all that stuff! I felt so angry when they removed all these regions, i quit the second it was gone, it sucked so bad. Told myself ill never play an MMO again coz i spend so m
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