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  1. Entitled players?

    You aren't even capable of properly doing an instance that requires no gear and minimal effort. Be thankful you are able to afk luna and cubics
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    You monkeys don't deserve nice things, you get 1 basically free ancient xform if f2p, 1 purple if you pay. You can also get the purple if you aren't some entitled parasite and actually work for it(get kinah, buy scrolls). You also seem to forget what a mmo is
  3. An event with Extend

    So sick of this cloth meta tbh... should prolly buff rangers or smth
  4. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    No it's not bugged it works as intended, it decreases the casting time of magic skills. It works just like sorc's self buffs, it's not a tooltip buff like the attack speed part of it
  5. Talk shit get slit D:
  6. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    Yup now I'm certain it works that That's understandable however if they can't outdps the clothies or at least be on par they should just switch to RJ if they have it. Makes life a lot easier
  7. No prestige, 11 abyssal stars(used b4 the 3m HP guy, w/e his name is). Prolly 3m+ doable if better set up as ^ mentioned. Relic might not stack w/ it because I remember it doesn't stack w/ normal AP charms, need to check it again
  8. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    You keep assuming we are literally talking about everyone and not the one that afk. People not joining is also not a good thing btw, but that doesn't seem to matter to you. You also seem to not be getting enough attention irl &try to play the forum warrior here, arguing whatever others say over the main point - that GP reset and flexible ranks are a good change for the future of this game. There's healthier ways to get attention w/o having to look dumb. Gl on 24, fren.
  9. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    If it is such a huge change to make them quit then most likely they were one of the ppl afking, therefore nothing of value will be lost. If there's plenty of other options and whales quitting will result in this game closing(bruh) then again, what's the issue? go play smth else. They can put time and effort monthly now to prove how skilled at pressing skills they are, as Arhangelos said above, they can even be #1 now.
  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    That "WOW" smells cognitive dissonance, you should get some rest Because you will have to accept it regardless, whether you like it or not. Keeping the whales happy shouldn't be used to justify keeping the rank locked, let the newbs have a chance, if not now then in the future. Let the whales earn their xforms. This change will motivate people to buy prestige in order to gain extra GP from sieges and such, a much better option money wise for ncwest(since you care about their profits so much :P)
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    My point wasn't about rewards but people whining they can no longer afk&keep their ranks tho, those have xforms and use them currently will most likely keep them in the future, those who are useless will finally get what they deserve. As for acceptance part, please, look how the game currently is, look at your furry char(and the whole xform system) and look at the overall health of this game. You've accepted worse things so far and will continue to do so because it's the only choice. Pray for EU's limited GST. Fren.
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    People expect lots of things, such as the ability to afk&still keep the rank coz they've been playing for years(imagine you play for years and still can't comfortably keep your rank btw) Just because others expect what's yours currently doesn't mean they will have or take it, because you've earned it. Therefore just earn your rank fren, and enjoy the competition
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Imagine being upset about giving newbs a chance to even dream of ever getting xform. Or having to actually earn your rank :D:D "been playing b4 the bible was written, where ma privilege at ncsoft" argument is rather fun to see, I hope you ppl will get married at some point, it better not go wrong
  14. Pandora entry + naked alts

    On top of the points the greeko made I wish there could be smth done about sub humans who afk it w/ naked alts&suddenly no longer afk when it's time to roll the loot
  15. Don't forget housing problems.

    Yes, thanked!