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  1. What are you complaining about then? You are making no point other than whining like a deluded moron coz you died by some SM. You came to a thread about SM not game as a whole(which you most likely can't comprehend since the classes w/o build in CC in their dmg skills is OP to you while that plague of sin you play is "one class" D: big brain playa)
  2. Stop trying to imply I have to learn how to play vs each class if I want to win pvps. SM is the biggest counter to my ranger anyway!!!1111111 Wish my class had CC too :[ Almost as if you are implying you lose PVP vs SMs Just don't get feared
  3. >ranger >whines about cloths Who's hurting you?
  4. Yup unlike other instances which take skill and effort such as.... ... . . . . . ? Just get geared D:
  5. Under no circumstances the event is just fine and you(alongside the wheelchair majority) just have a miserable attitude and are bad at aion correct? They increased attack req and decreased acc req for PF/IDD, also there was a balance patch too. Just get good?(and I mean seek help since step by step explanation of how to do a nyerk easy event is somehow beyond your comprehension and you get all emotional)
  6. Getting a guild is an option, running FM/bos w/ geared people is also an option, playing better mmos is also an option. There's nothing to look foward to pve wise, FM has more interesting mechanics than IDD and PF(kill yellow guy every now and then, have gladi lure reaper and macro the wizzard&perma click it while staying glued against eachother, very hard and interesting, always a joy to rush them all by friday and only log for luna). Senekta might be interesting but I haven't been there yet, altho it looks like a fancy version of BOS. Open world farming is indeed tragic unless there's so
  7. ^Title have random alts put some kinah in them buy entries pass them to your main ??? profit(not really)
  8. Almost as if it's about ego not balance HMMMMMMMMM And please stop larping about "equal" X and Y, only gear can be equal and even that not perfectly because of tune rolls
  9. No parle engrish amigo? Even if you are playing on the dominating faction you can still easily find 50 people to kill Go camp their FM entrance and kill newbs/alts
  10. For the same reason ranger plays out as a spellcaster, when is the last time you auto attacked? SPIRIT master doesn't use spirit(unless it needs shields) coz it's bad, gunner doesn't use guns(except for mana drain) coz it's bad, templar can't tank for shit coz the class is bad, you can't remove that toggle which decreases range because you are bad. Some things don't really make sense. I am 100% sure your complaint is 100% genuine and you didn't just get out of its range as templar was finishing his low cast animation pull.
  11. You will get shit on if you aren't at least decent on sorc, you will misuse debuffs and fail to CC chain your enemy, gear w/o skill or at least decent ping wont make you any better, play ranger if you want to do that(which kinda plays out as a caster tbh, interesting game design) The archetype remains the same. Both will CC chain you to death if you allow them to, both will die easily if you get close to them, both suffer in opposite areas. Then there's SW, which is a ??? class. What even is it good at other than being annoying and jumping around like a rabbit Sorc has higher dmg, enough
  12. Quite a few if equal gear translates into purple xform and red weap(since they really need that cast speed). There's no such thing as equal gear equal skill equal ping in any game, find better excuse. Sorc scales very late game and is shit w/ what you call "average" gear. Just like sin was b4 last patch. Main issue w/ clothies is that they have to cast CC b4 they can do some dmg, have to always fear or sleep else you get slapped. In the meantime xxxgoodplayer1xxx has already CC'ed you, w/ his instant skill, at speed cap
  13. Tell us more about your placebo
  14. Trading your time for money and taking care of your loved ones, dunno how's bare minimum not allowing you to efficiently play a 10 years old game. Find better cope
  15. You aren't even capable of properly doing an instance that requires no gear and minimal effort. Be thankful you are able to afk luna and cubics
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