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  1. Basically, aethercraft items aren't worth the pain, and, as long as one won't cough up money on items shop, titles are just at players' discretion. Thank you everyone for helping me out, I appreciate very much!
  2. Thank you very much for your accurate response! A few last questions (I think?): What about the very late game's equipments? I saw there are red-named pvp items obtainable with aethercraft. Are those the ultimate items I should get or will I just completely ignore aethercrafting? What pvp gear is there above the ancient one bought with crystals? What about titles? I see Aion's Chosen is by far the best title for any class, but what can I get in-game without wasting any real money? All titles earned with quests are garbage, not to mention the limited time ones.
  3. Thank you so much for your answer! What about crafted items? Are those worth wasting time and money? Also, is there a minimum requirement on equip's enchantment level and manastones for instance runs? I see you talked about gunslinger and m.acc., my bad, I'm an assassin now.
  4. Hi everyone! I recently started playing Aion again after years and many things have changed. I played just for the daily and weekly quests so far, almost got a full pvp ancient set (the one bought with crystals) but I need a pve equipment now. What's the very first step? I'm still using Lakrum pve items and accessories from Mirash Sanctum, but what should I really aim for? What are the instances I can farm in? Thanks in advance!
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