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    Hello everyone, I am a veteran in the game that wants to come back kkk (Sorry for the lousy English) It's been a long time, I played Aion a long time ago, and for a long time, I followed the game and its development, from the 3.5 and I burned by its history and the world I dedicated a lot of effort in it, it will be years that I left the game for reasons I remember that the last update I saw was the one that brought the most changes (I do not remember exactly, I'm sorry but I believe it's 5.0 but I'm not sure), I had already left the game almost entirely there by the 4.7 update per account of situations that ended up happening. Today came the feeling of nostalgia, to see a YouTube play Aion "2019" soon I saw downloading the game again to see how it was, I started to read some reviews that said that the game was much better and had brought a lot of update, its population its improved gameplay was good with plenty of instances and pvp, but I also saw bad comments that said it would not be worth playing anymore. I jumped in the dark and ventured, after hours of waiting I came across several new things, some of which left me intrigued by other confused ones. As you know the server was once again united with another but I was happy I had not lost my characters that I loved so much, another update had come Aion but at the same time something new and I felt excited to explore and see what had changed, because drastic changes for me had happened and as much as I knew where I was I did not know anything about ... (As the disappearance of my skills I was scared to realize that I would have to upar again to recover the ksk) I ask for help, I'm lost, I do not know where to start, what I should do, if I should invest in the game, where to look for the game coins that have disappeared from my warehouse if they are recoverable (I had a good amount stored there but I realized that you just can not save or see the ones that were there before, I came back and I'm kind of Noob in the game if I'm making a wrong guess, I'm sorry) My main characters are both at level 65, it's a Cleric and Sorcerer I'd like to know which sets are recommended for these classes what instances should I go to if I should invest my time in the game if it's still worth it. Thanks for listening.