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  1. @Cyan any idea when the black cloud coin issue will be resolved? When in game, my 811 coins don't show up, but when I log into the website, it shows I still have them. I've been waiting to get some more luna for resetting instances.
  2. The daily Luna was fixed, but the weekly one is now bugged. My alt went in with full Berdin's Favor + the 400% xp buff and barely got 1 level, yet I went into daily luna and got 3 levels lol. My next alt got no balls to appear on weekly, but daily was fine. @Cyan
  3. @Cyan Not sure if it's been mentioned, but there is no NPC with new Prestige Quests. The only npc is the one that buffs you.
  4. @Cyan Any news on when the Bases in Illuma and Norsvold will reset? As they still have not reset, we can't buy from merchants, or do quests. Also any word on the surveys? It's Friday and we still have not gotten any surveys.
  5. For me it is the merchants, for some legion mates it is the quests.
  6. We did flip them lol But the weekly resets did not reset.
  7. @Cyan the Bases in Iluma did not reset after Maintenance.
  8. Ok, thank you for clearing that up! Much appreciated!! Merry Christmas!
  9. @Cyan is there a glitch with the snowballs? On the website it states 30+ toons can get 2 snowballs from the shugo and 1 every 30 min, up to 6 snowballs... but it is not giving them every 30 min for any toons below 66. If you click on the event (in the menu list) the box shows the snowball, but states its for 66+.
  10. There is something wrong with the middle camp in Levinshore where you can trade blood marks for supplements. I and many others haven't been able to access the supps for over a month. We'd appreciate you looking into it. As now we are limited to just the 1 camp in upper abyss.
  11. If it's the quest cabinet, it expires. You have to go to the shugo outside your studio (where the mailbox is), his name is Miyuorinerk, go to the last page, on the first tab. and buy the Practical Wood Cabinet. You should have gotten a letter, telling you that it expired and that you needed to get a practical wood cabinet to replace it.
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