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  1. An Issue with Gear Equipment Crashing Client at Character Screen I had this issue two times so far and this issue is only account specific, meaning if such issue occurs to you on one account it stays with that account but it won’t happen on the alternate account, i.e., you will be able to log into you alt account without issues . Getting back to the issue, the first time I had it, it was on my cleric when I equipped Elite Royal Guardian Sentinel's [Spinel Coin Gear]. After equipping it the client crashed. After restarting the client would come to the character screen and crash again. Ho
  2. I mean they make all those bling bling plumes and bracelets that can't actually be seen and only hurts eyes with that bright glow but does have nice fluidity...should do a better work on developing better outfit also.
  3. Oh do they? I thought NA developers will make it since its from NA server contest . But still the cloth fluidity sucks in AION, You can see how bad they make it by comparing the sketches and the actual game costume output just from this: The details on the clothing are so-so but the fluidity and length of the cloth has bee reduced, even the shoulder sleeve for female is stiff. If it had more fluidity like the shoulder piece of Library outfit...it would have looked way better.
  4. Black and White always look Classic.
  5. I think the Dev's chose the winner based on the stiffness of the costume...If I not wrong, AION has lots of stiff costumes and there is a lack of fluidity on fabric...except for the ones already designed in Korea and are in pack. Prototype' costume is stiff and easy to design for NA devs.....Poco's design is also stiff but male have cape which require cloth fluidity which made her go 2nd places. Rakesh' also has cloth fluidity, The other 2 female costumes are gowns or have shoulder fabric which again require fabric fluidity and animation.... Result: Lazy developers quickest choice is stiff a
  6. bump... was able to do few runs these last few days...but still need Tunic, Hauberk, jerkin, and breastplate.
  7. Bump.............., Do message me the timing [server] when you are available, I will make time to be there.
  8. Hello there, If anyone with toon 55-60 interested in running esoterrace duo or trio for skin farming please mail me when you will be available. Thanks I need Hauberk [main priority] and I have some cloth part missing and need both leather and plate parts but they are not that important.
  9. Congrats to all the winners. I guess it was wrong of me for expecting something more creative instead of generic style but whatever, hearty congratulations. Looking forward to the submission album.
  10. And if the rewards don't change is it possible for us to chop those three trees and make a 500% XP bonfire?
  11. Aww were there that many submissions? I was looking forward to the designs. BTW is there a chance to view the top 20 or so designs after the winner is announced?
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