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  1. What you are looking for is one of the 9 types of cabinets, (7 are permanent and 2 only last 60 days), a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet (only last 60 days), which is given by the lvl 21 Housing quest. You can either get it by buying a <Salix Wood Cabinet> (brown) or <Noble Salix Wood Cabinet> (white) if you are an Asmo or <Ulmus Wood Cabinet> and <Noble Ulmus Wood Cabinets> for Elyos from broker or you can also craft it with 300p in Construction.
  2. The ring is permanent and it has a cd of 60mins once you use it. If you die after using it, you lose the mr resist buff until the cd is over.
  3. I'm pretty sure the cleric, BlueberryDragon, was either BG or part of Combat Smurfs years ago. He quit last year thought.
  4. Either Azphel and Ariel or Katalam and Danaria
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