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  1. Enchant rate broken?

    I had a similar enchanting problem. Trying to getGenesis wings from +10 to +15 with 68 ancient stones and 8 legend and got to +10, +10 ring used approx ancient180 stones and 8 legend on a ring and ended with +10. Was this broken only for Danaria server and the reason for unexpected shutdown?
  2. Enchanted Daevanion Skills are wiped with update

    Disregard. My main still has its enchantments in tact.
  3. I had three daevanion skills enchanted to +1 and after the update, they're wiped -- enchantments are gone! What to do.
  4. and the purchase limit? Surely, it cannot be 3 per day deal.
  5. But what is the price of a gold ingot in EU?
  6. essencetapping concern

    I already have my essence tapping to 130'ish, and was already answered in this thread:
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Especially this "This brings these instances in line with other balance adjustments for end-game PVE instances that were introduced in the Awakened Legacy update," made so player characters deal 10% less damage and receive 10% more damage. I guess we'll find out once the server is up.