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  1. @Cyan Since levelling is so streamlined now, those of us that are levelled can't actually farm any of the skins in the lower instances. Would it be possible at all to make it that higher levels still get these armour drops? It's just frustrating because it's so easy to level now so in the time it takes to actually farm the skin set, you'll likely be too high of a level to actually get the last pieces.
  2. Continuing on this, I've also noticed that most of the NPCs actually have the same bug - not all npcs are affected and I haven't noticed any of my characters being affected by it yet but I've seen it on many other players.
  3. @Hime @Cyan With the new Infernal DD being introduced and the old version being a solo instance, will there still be a way to get the skins that drop from it now? I really need to know because those are my favourite skins in the entire game, if they're becoming unobtainable I need to be able to make time to spam it now.
  4. I did consider taking it to the authorities (I did know meet them in real life) but in the end I just wanted them to leave me alone and thought if I didn't provoke them then maybe it'd stop. It took a long time but they finally did leave me alone.
  5. It's not happening to me right now with anyone but it's happened in the past. I sent multiple tickets to Ncsoft, provided screenshots and videos but nothing was actually done in the end. This was someone that was doing all of that and also dragging my real life, real name, real social media in lfg and still nothing was done to prevent it - in the end he quit the game, but every now and then they log in and I know that they haven't been banned and I can still see all of their emotes and stuff.
  6. That's all well and good but we shouldn't really have to do all that for one person. The block button should prevent them from doing all of that and stop us from seeing their emotes. It's just not practical when you still need to be invited to groups, duel, etc for other people and while those options work for a temporary fix, it's still dampening your gameplay. If you don't want anything to do with another player then you shouldn't have to do all of that just to make sure that they leave you alone. Edit: That came across more hostile than I meant it to, I do appreciate what you said and
  7. I've never understood how when you block someone, you can still see all their emotes, they can still spam duel requests, trade requests, invite you to groups etc. It just seems like a major flaw in the blocking system - if someone bothers you enough for you to block them, you don't want to see their name as much as possible, and they can still (I guess) harass you by using certain emotes and spamming you with requests. @Cyan could this be something that's addressed? I feel like it sort of defeats the purpose of blocking if all it does is hide just what they say, when they still have other ways
  8. This event has disappointed me a lot this time around even from the first day. While it's good that people get another chance at getting the Caeus gear, I'm quite annoyed that only a handful of people will get it. Since only the people that hand in the seeds will get the Caeus gear, it completely destroys the concept of everyone working together to level the trees - instead it's just another competition that everyone's trying to win. I've already seen so many people on LFG asking for donations of seeds since people that have played the event in the past would still think the person who hands i
  9. Unfortunately only the winning design gets made, unlike the wing contest where they had multiple.
  10. Are you on elyos side or asmo? I have an account on KT on both sides just need to level a toon
  11. I mean I know I'm biased since I was one of the runner ups but damn even I was disappointed. No hate on the winning design - it was beautiful and very professional - however we have, what, 4 steampunk skins already? In fact I purposefully avoided my original design because it looked too steampunk, something which we already have an abundance of. It's very pretty but in my opinion we just have too many skins like it and the male version silhouette is also very similar to a skin we'll be getting in 6.0. I wasn't expecting mine to win (and having seen the other runners up, I'm not surprised)
  12. I want the skins from both! I'd love to go
  13. Can we get some wing skins up in here too? > [item:187000072] Skafir's Wing Feather I believe they're from an old quest and are no longer obtainable in any way, shape or form. These have been an Aion dream of mine for years now. > [item:110900140] Joyful Festival Costume (preferably with the version with black wings too) And MOST of all, the Norsvold guards and Iluma guard NPC outfits. I can't find the item code on the aion powerbook because I have no idea what to search for but: I would sell my soul for this outfit. Please Cyan, I will love you forever.
  14. It's frustrating, she just seems like any other girl toon that they've "kawaii-fied" - a fully grown woman in power who's mature but wears cute little lolita dresses and has a teddy bear, nyaaa~ Meanwhile Peregrine is powerful, somewhat of a minority (I think he's the only?? or one of the only asmodian leaders with dark skin - not gonna say black because I guess lore wise it's all just asmo since they're all every colour in existence so I don't think races would really apply but in OUR terms then yes, he's black) and I don't know, he just seems like such an underrated character. I wish th
  15. I am and forever will be salty that there's a Viola minion but no Peregrine? WHY? His design is amazing! Why can't we have an Asmodian equivalent? Please be fair to the asmos, devs.
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