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  1. game loading issues

    Every time I try and open the game, ill click play game right.....it will go to load but just disappears. it does it only sometimes, not sure what to do.
  2. ranger or sm?

    leveling my new sm, the pet was OP. killin shit before I was done killing a mob. I may stick to my ranger for right now since I just started getting PVP gear. thanks for the reply
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 30, 2019

    Um I not here to complain. I just like the memes. thx luv u
  4. Aion 6.5 - Fan Videos about New update

    LOL. Tell me about it. I am currently stationed in South Korea!!!!
  5. ranger or sm?

    Hello everyone. I am slowly getting back into the game. (oof). But I was curious to know, which is a better a class or the two to play this patch? I used to main both of them in previous patches. Just wanted to know what other people thought. I know each class has its ups and downs this patch, and it should be based off my opinion what I play. But hey f*ck it!!!! Drop ya opinions...thank you... NYERK