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  1. Let me try to be very helpful. It's not a bug, check your quests again.
  2. Can you please share with us a Link , I already Re-Checked Powerbook , Azsurance and Google, I could not find any information about this Stone.
  3. You mean in about ONE+ year at Aion 6.0 , this doesn't help much us now at Aion 5.8.
  4. So "In case you didn't realise", we are talking about PVP. All you guys complaining about not being well geared as other people. You are doing it WRONG. You do PVE to produce Kinah from PVE related stuff, so you can BUY better PVP related stuff. You don't get Omegas and Temperings form PVP.
  5. Everyone that is playing the game without cheating, it's getting justice. So do you..
  6. YOU are the only one responsible for your punishment. YOU should not cheat. YOU should be ashamed.
  7. It already happened to me once.. there was a small game update, and I lost the Cake Buff that I was saving to level up a new class. It was simply removed after the update. Server Merge it's not a simple task, a LOT of things will get reseted. So lets not assume, I would like an official answer. Thanks for your input @Bryos-TM.
  8. Hi @Cyan I have a question that I believe would interest a lot of people. Will we keep the Cake buff on our already buffed characters after the Merge ? Not the Cake, only the Buff. Thanks.
  9. I'm not in hurry, but I would like to move from IS to SL without losing my GP.
  10. The restriction was 1B GP, then you lowered to 500k. Most of the people are able to transfer without sacrificing his earned GP during the last years. Can't you just Lift/Remove the restriction ? So Everyone is treated equally. Basically everyone is allowed to transfer without sacrificing GP, except your older players/customers.
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