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  1. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    After playing eq and eq2 for over ten years they bought in pay to play, pay to use broker pay to use mail pay to use everything. the game died with in weeks. Sony then sold the game and they introduced new eq2 called everquestnext which was cancelled by the new company. myself and a million other people bought everquestnext in advance and were promised a refund if it didn't go head. it didn't and no refund. I will not do that for aion, it has died and with it people who believed in the game as it was promised. to be honest, i thought aion was awesome and even i didnt mind buying a few things to sell on broker, but i also gave away 90% of what i made in aether forging or ppl needed. thats called "the community" NCSoft has on purpose made it difficult for people NOT to buy in the shop rather than making something and on selling. and as always there is always another game coming that needs dollars to finish their project, problem is! are they going to do the same. if someone finds the next game cheetehs@gmail.com miss my friends, you know who u r
  2. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    ok i am in. and while we are at it. fix the servers, why do other game run by ncsoft have never had a downtime, only aion and nothing happens. put aion on anew server and maybe it will also reduce the lag. cheetehs
  3. Are we really that gulible

    I don't really like to post, but enough is enough. people that know Tiamat server know I have quit a couple of times but have come back for reasons beyond me. Since the demolition of tia and danira maps i have questioned the longevity of Aion. personally I don't like running around in an instance for no benefit. untradeable items, cannot break them down for stones or mats, just fill in warehouse space. I had hoped that the rumour of an Aion2 was real but I cant find any updates on that. In the Australasia area we have a 230 + plus ping which is no biggie we can handle that, even when people are crying in lfg about their ping going to 30 or 50. NcSoft should always have had a server based out of Singapore or Sydney for this region. The servers NcSoft uses for Aion are really useless and probably can`t be upgraded because there is so much information on them and so old, hence the reason we sometimes have the bugs we deal with. The latest GW2 update (today) shows where the development team is utilised. To be fair to people that play this game, you should really turn of the servers or implement changes that will create a happy, friendly, workable game with mechanics that work, get rid of the Glory points since most people won`t do the abyss while a hundred alts are parked afk whilst the minority group of actual players try and get a fort. (really! are you that stupid to allow such a thing) I for one am very sick of the language and abuse in LFG toward players trying to help maintain some sore of integrity of the game and game play. it doesn't matter if you like the person or not, if they get results just suck it and do it. because of this attitude we have generals etc that don't do nothing because of the abuse they get. Now you have the majority of people doing one instance for gear they probably will never use, can`t sell and can`t get any mats from. "see above line". You have had an opportunity with pretty well hard core gamers that like Aion and don`t want to leave but there will come the next Aion. So keep sending people to the shop, spend up large guys but remember its like gambling its dead money. Thats my rant for the duration. if you find a game that is new and exciting and fun cheetehs@gmail.com
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 13, 2017

    to be very fair to everyone, you should really cancel Aion. you have people spending several years playing your game and you have no interest in the game its self. your concentration is on gw2. this is exactly what happened to everquest then eq2 when sony went pay to play they the players left for other games like LOTR etc. and then eqnext was born and people spent real money on the new version, (preorders) sony then sold the game to new owners and they canceled the game a lot went to aion. you "NCSOFT" are destroying the player base you will need when A2 comes out. loyalty is earned not just expected. Just get rid of aion as we know it. stop wasting our time. cheetehs