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  1. Aion support.

    Hello, first I want to make a post to complain in some way about the events that have been happening this past week in EK. Many accounts have been banned these days something related to vpn services, one of those accounts was mine I made a ticket asking for explanations and reason for my ban, Glenn from NCSOFT Support Team say this: This account has been observed in-game displaying numerous characteristics with automated gameplay and the use of third party programs that can not be replicated with the use of the macro system in-game and other available in-game tools. I have asked you to show me some kind of evidence that shows that If i really use such a program.. I have lost so many hours playing this game so they just come and suspend my account because they think I use bots... BTW I think this was an automatic message. They just ban random players and accuse them of using bots or being RTM and having them lose their accounts without having clear proofs or knowing the mechanics of their own game, for example everyone who had alters accounts in EK and got the reward from the "server consolidation" trade or pass through the broker as much as they could to their main accounts, is this the reason for my ban maybe? i dont know... The players that usually spend a lot of time playing 5h ~ 7h or more a day we know those names In-Game who use bot 24/7 and use No-Animation and hack sfk etc and still doing it without anything happening to them? hell no.. and those of us who have never used this shit have to pay for the consequences? This really is unfair. Everyone in my clan knows that when I come to play I spend almost the whole day farm KBR I want real proofs from you that prove that I really use bots or hack This is the reason i think that my ban is very unfair I have never used bots the only program that I use to play is pingzapper or Battleping to lower my latency. Att: Aileen-EK.
  2. My main account is still ban ¬¬

    So I already have 3 days waiting for a response from the support and still nothing, Nobody has even said if WE lost ours accounts or if it is an error false positive for using Pingzapper, Battleping or just say something about......
  3. Proxy users geting banned

    i got ban with my main account 2 days ago i use free pingzapper R: 23330740