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  1. Please bring asmo claws and manes back...

    The reason I did play so long was because Asmodians were such a unique design and concept. I love my old Asmos. now they look like Elyos with a horse tail
  2. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    Currently reinstalling the game. I miss it and need to see whats new. ESO has an issue with faction balance as well. It doens't impact the game as much because PVP is a large instance that happens separate from the PvE content. SWTOR has a toggle for open PvP or PvE. just saying OTHER games have found simple and elegant solutions to this issue.
  3. The New Aion.

    Agreed. I'm back after 4 years away. I just like to see how things are going now and again. I loved Aion but the toxic community is discouraging. I'm not thin skinned but the constant toxicity in chat wears me out and I just lost interest. There are plenty of MMOs that have trolls but, there is no reason for it to be so toxic. ESO has far more players then Aion and it is decidedly NOT toxic. Yeah, there are trolls like everywhere, but they don't flood chat with toxicity. Their more of the sarcastic kind that add a bit of fun to the conversation. I believe its the kind of players it draws, however I don't know WHY the people drawn to Aion are the kind that make things miserable for those of us who just want to play a game with others. You eloquently summed up my issues with this game.