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  1. At the end what is the harm that this EC reset cause the community? Why can we just play the game and the instance we like all day long to progress? if they need to limit content why not created more and charge for it in form of DLC or subscription? How come you guys are defending NC potential for getting money from people that want to progress in the game. What is the different between the guy that reset 100 times with luna and the guy that reset free? Do they really use the money to created more content or where that money goes? At the end if you feel bad about doing the EC reset and got sca
  2. Yea EU seen to have the way to do things. I might go check them out. If the ping allow me and they are better. Man I don't care about subscription said 3 account for all the years sense release until (free2play if Whales maintained us). Them I paid prestige and now prestige is for 1 extra CD and increase of RNG that do nothing. There is not other game that I like outhere. It was better when they focus on doing more them just erasing progress and selling the fast track to the top gear ticket every patch. Now all the gear look the same and there is nothing to really immerse. Erase your gear star
  3. So the event is now how is suppose to be and is a really bad event. @Cyan Can you fix it again to give more keys or the bag rates that give alchemy essence to be more generous. I think some rates still broken. or at least that the copper box guarantee one reward from a good list? I have had too many 1 coin chest on the only account I care. Can they fix so prestige give you a extra key? or bags daily for login? or extra drop for instance. I mean you think of something now. because the rest the event is really bad is we continued like that. I remember when the event was actually to enjoy and pla
  4. I'm talking about Scelestus post. what are event ? what should they be use for? how we obtain the best reward? who can obtained. this are virtual good the only price is in our eyes. please tell me about abuse of the event because u can trade the coin? how other way can I get the best reward. I paid prestige? is that the other type of account u talking about? what is the monetary price of the items if this is a money only event. those are the kinda thing im talking about. I don't come here to anwers those btw. I don't get paid for solving ncsoft problems.
  5. them maybe we need to talk about having a balance?
  6. fair enough so you paid money. let me make more toons and actually play more to catch up? Whale are going to whale. but there should be a way for someone to reach that with time or better said lvlin toons. whale are not going to be lvl 20+ alts and actually use it for the event. Whale need target to kill too no? so is wrong for the one that is not going to paid to put the time to catch up?
  7. Apparently the best loot is getting a job to paid ncsoft for progress. or been rich. This game is make for the 5% of people that will paid enough for a life time worth of what the majority of people will paid. they don't care about how happy the event make people. they care about the 5% that will paid more now that is the only way to get coins.
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