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  1. Low level World Drop skins

    You cant mentoring otherwise the mobs will not drop gear anymore. The problem is with some particular skins, like EB and IS one, as the Dragon Lord something as well, whisch only drops from Cygnea mobs. Didnt tried yet to wait the loot to open yet.. maybe gonna lvl up a toon to try that.
  2. Is there a easy way to farm low level skins and use that skins on other toons? They can't be account storable I don't want to level the craft of a lvl60 alt to 100 to put appearance on crafted armors. Thanks!
  3. Thats nice improvements.. thanks everyone of the Staff! Btw, @Cyan, any plans for prestige itself "improvements"? or maybe Prestige Machine prices adjustment? Im prestige subscriber since 6.x launch, maybe 8 or 9 months ago? And I dont have enough prestige coins to buy a mount tbh, I have enough coins to buy 2 Legendary PVE enchant stones, and im an active player... that looks like need some care.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    OMG.. Hime is here! 7.0 coming soon!
  5. Skins are "End Game Items"

    If you guys are surprised with his nickname, should start to translate most of the BR names in Aion.
  6. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I understand your point @Aly-DN and this can only be a different point of view of us. This can only be a simple warning about "share your account at your own risks". But its aways good to have an official and well done explanation of the staff about such delicate topic. As said before, any IP change could imply as an account sharing, depending of HOW they gonna verify that. I don't want to get my account blocked on the weekend and wait for a unblock only at Monday cause my internet provider changes his IP every week.
  7. No way is enchanting not busted

    Just to give my contribution to the topic. I've spent.. BELIEVE ME.. 8 Ultimate stones on a Ultimate Frostpark Keyblade trying to get it from 13 to 14.. ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT. Since I was triggered with this, I just used legendary cause f**ck it.. and it OF COURSE failed. Then I've tried to get it to +13 again and failed 10 legendary from 10 to 11 IN A ROLL.. TEN STONES.
  8. Some people noticed that NC changed their AS terms, and some points of the text includes "hints" about IP changes.. what usually occurs when you share your account, but also when you use a Ping Reductor, or simply use a Notebook connection on different networks. I've made this post to turn public the question because this kind interest tons of players. Since May early, we have been banned due the ping reduction program usage. I'm guess everyone understand this is necessary and some bans are for real to prevent people of boting, hacking, gold selling and whatever. But all this stuff tell us that since now, this rules gonna be implemented drastically, and we gonna start to have more incoming account bans. @Cyan can you please give us a follow up about this??? This KINDA sounds like NC telling everyone outside of USA (or far away from servers) that we can't play this game anymore.
  9. Prestige needs to be revamped

    Nice arguments, but for someone who are a legit PVP player with endgame gear or near that. You aren't the only person playing this game, neither the only one who pay for prestige pack. Plus, not everyone are lvl80 with legendary+ gear yet. And some people just play for PVE or Housing content. I agree about a prestige revamp, we need some stuff ASAP, like the vending machine for example. I'm guess we should open a discussion about what the prestige should change, take off or implement. But keep in mind prestige are supposed to have Benedict's for everyone, not just you.
  10. Add FM portal to north faction base

    My problem isnt the flip thing.. its the wait time. Would be better to spawn RIFTs along the map when the camp is with the opposite faction. You still has to walk tru the map and possibly face some PVP, but at least doesnt wait 10min.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    Another week with no response about Event drop rates or Gold Ingot store update... sad Btw, nice buffs.. time to lvl craft again.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    Really? NOTHING about the event? Dont do that to us, please. At least some word like "Im talking with the devs about that".
  13. Entitled players?

    What? Sorry.. was that for me? Why exactly?
  14. Proxy users geting banned

    Self quote to update that is 23 people now. wow. Sorry, but im really dont know how or why.. its just the best bet about the major issue cause.
  15. Entitled players?

    Ok, thanks for your contribution. We are immensely happy with it.