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  1. @Kibbelz Promotion Clarification

    Hello, everyone.. good news! Support maybe saw my topic here, and reopened my friend`s ticket only to ensure and clarify that they made a mistake on the information, and the Pixel DO COUNT for promotion. Good lucky for everyone!
  2. A friend of mine sent a ticket asking how much consumed ancient and legendary transformation he had to participate on the promotion to get his Ultimate chance box. The thing is.. he got a pixel from the event, and the same pixel by fusioning 2 ancients.. then he fusioned this repeated pixel with another repeated legendary and got some apostle he dont had. He opened a ticket to confirm the number of ancients, and the awnser was: "You fusioned 10 ancients and 1 legendary".. wait, 1 legendary? After another awnser, support said the pixel transformations DOESNT COUNT as a consumed legendary transformation on this promotion. But... and if someone get a repeated pixel by FUSIONING 2 ancients? Is this fair???? There isnt any word of @Kibbelz saying pixels doesnt count as a consumed transformation.. can the staff please confirm??
  3. World Boss Anomos Weapon + Demaha weapons

    I second this @Kibbelz.. we need more sources of that weapons, since it needs 3 of them to reach the last stage (with lucky, because the upgrade can fail.. i failed it once). Consider bringing them as the best reward on a next event!
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Correct.. the only way to get another Pixel with money is trying ur RNG on the boxes. The reasonable way to get your third pixel is with the selectable box received by promotion 10/28!
  5. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Thank you! That's the easier outcome (since it's a free item anyway) and gonna make everyone happy. Congrats again for your real effort hearing the community, that's the kind of CM we aways wanted for!
  6. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    This is an incredible outcome, because it proves the team CAN restore legendary transformation, they just DONT WANT TO. I mean about when we fuse unintentionally 2 or more legendaries and want to rollback, like we do with minions using our tokens. Like, believe or not, I was sleepy and fusioned 3 legendaries thinking they was ancients.. opened a ticket and they said it was IMPOSSIBLE to revert transformation fusions.. with your post u prove that they not only CAN revert, but the time the fusion was made is irrelevant for them to do it.. incredible.
  7. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    Let's also discuss about people who are on the PVE RANKS doing double the amount of auto atks of a normal player, would be a nice discussion as well And it's obvious that people are flying with Vanilla. But @Gideon only cares about auto hunt.
  8. Random server maintenance

    0.00001% to get Ultimate Transformation is too much high. They need to nerf.
  9. Vending robot machine

    Wrong.. AoA accs has rollable status now, and not only dont need to be enchanted.. they have better status than Old Sove. Then.. Sove accs could only be good for alts or undergeared people who need more Healing Boost than Titan Coin.
  10. @Loki @Kibbelz It was intended to be the old Sove accs a.k.a outdated accs droped from 7.old cap? I though it was to be the 6 manastone slots one, like KR had in some point. Why such garbage reward is on the almost rarest tier of rewards?
  11. Waiting for an anniversary event with free Ultimate Transformations
  12. Aion PvE Rankings

    A PVE rank is useless if people use hacks to be on the TOP. What about show the animation speed (with colors in red when wrong) in the rotation tabs? This would make it more legit when we want to compare people better than us to learn rotations, skills and etc.. and ignore the ones who hacks.
  13. Feedback: Event Thread

    I really like the events which we actually have to PLAY to earn prizes.. and also, the ones with group involved to incentive the team work. I would like to see more events that make u clear instances to get some kind of coin to buy rewards and buy stuff with 100% of success, NO RNG INVOLVED like the craft one. Also, make those events truly rewarding, with the most expensive prize to be something really wanted, like legendary transformation contracts and +15 Stigmas! Like, do a way to make players farm in every instance for like 2 or 4 weeks to buy the top prize! And make them constant.. people like to do events. Other games like Final Fantasy XIV never have a single week without events. In other hand, I know we need p2w events, because we are a f2p game, but NEVER, EVER.. do a p2w event without a f2p event running as well. It's VERY discouraging for the majority of the players. The last decision about transformation was good.. make it a permanent mechanic, but don't wait like 6 months to deliver another transformation promotion.. make one each 2 months, for example. Also, try to do something similar to stigmas, like.. if u fail 300 stigma enchant from 0 to 9 or 9 to 12 on a event with stigma enchantments, let the player have a +9 or +12 stigma.. incentive the new players For now is the only things I can remember about events.
  14. Transformation Update

    Also, should be good to extend the event in 1 week anyway. Maybe people gonna have chance to contribute with the event after their salary payment @Kibbelz
  15. Transformation Update

    @Kibbelz.. you say when we CONSUME 12 legendaries. This include ALL the legendaries including the obtained by FREE or only the BOUGHT ones? Also, when we combine 2 and get 1 copy as result, and combine the result with another one.. that counts as 4 CONSUMED transformations, right? U better put this VERY clear, cause my currency is 1 USD = 5.7 BRL, and you won't want to mess with that.