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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 5, 2020

    The event page does not tell you how long the event will last @Kibbelz Also, the transformation AND the enchant stones should be LEGENDARIES, not ANCIENT.. its easier to get ancients by fusioning luna transformation contracts than get it on this event (apparently)
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

    Just saw this
  3. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    You might be new to the game, but actualy u can get all that materials PLAYING the game and dont need to spend tons of kinnah - U can obtain steliuns doing Altars at Demaha (Free content) - U can obtain doing quests at demaha (Free content) - U can obtain Etiums by doing PVP instances (Free content + some of them like IB you dont even need gear and get materials even loosing) - U can obtain Etiums by exchanging Exp Marks for them at Ingg/Gelk (Free content) - U can farm Etiums doing quests at Ingg/Gelk as well (Free content) - U can obtain Fighting Spirits exchaging Exp Marks for them at Ingg/Gelk (Free content) - U can obtain Fighting Spirits by extracting PVP gear (Free Content) - PVP gear? u can farm Lakrum or CKT for them to break, or hunt some Hidden mobs to break the gear droped there (Free content) Also, the EXP event starting tomorrow gonna help you to get more Exp Marks to get some of the materials as well. Before criticizing any "Veteran", try to learn how to play your game. Also, @Kibbelz, should be nice to start to explain on events HOW to obtain the itens involved on them
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

    The 20 luna retune isnt coming tomorrow?
  5. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    The majority of craft itens are full obtainable by all the players, even all the F2P: Stellium x110 Fighting Spirit Fragment x110 Ultimate Etium x10 Also, the [BCM] stuff is buyable on the broker, so u dont have to spend real money to try ur lucky.
  6. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    Have u saw the part "us" in my sentence? As a Brazilian, I pay 5.7 BRL for each 1 USD, because I like to play this game, and I want to support it/want the content they provide on BCM, and I'm 100% sure I've spent too way more money than you to get all my 9 Stigmas +15, oh great Lord of the pay2wins. But I'm not here to mensure the size of our wallets, it's because is a simple reasoning. We paid to get the stuff before the F2P and when we did it, we knew the prices.. why some people are so elitist to think everytime they spend money on the game, they need a compensation? You spent because you wanted, no one put a gun onto your head, bro. If you feel damage because NCWest decisions, just don't spend your money anymore. As someone said above: NCSoft aways ending up adjusting stuff to retain the players playing their game.
  7. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    Compensated for all the 50 accounts u got the stigma enchants for free? Or compensated because you pay2win to get stronger and now everyone have a chance to get your exclusive whale content? Also, I remember they already compensated players who spent money when they changed the BCM bundles to give more enchants, and sent us the difference.
  8. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Im very happy with the first changes.. thanks for your effort! as well Loki and all the team. I totally agree with the priority list and i feel u heard me and all the players. We gonna continue watching.
  9. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Oh.. almost forgot: - CUBICS: We are supposed to defeat Frigida at PFHM right now on this patch, but is IMPOSSIBLE without Platinum Cubics. And they are near the impossible to obtain. We dont need platinum cubics obtained by events, we need platinum cubics droped AT CUBIC INSTANCE. Also normal cubics is a very important feature nowadays, and we need the old cubics (attack, defense and etc) to be easier to obtain.. what about including them on the cubic drops at instances??? Thanks for hearing us.
  10. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Ok, here is my contribution: - ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS: Its a game change, but still arent a big deal without gear + stigmas + collections, so.. GIVE THEM TO US, or at least make Ultimate Transformation pots buyable from prestige machine, for example. And also, give us more ways to farm Legendary transformations! What about lower the price from Abyssal contract from 8000 to 4000!? And also, lower the quantity of Breath of Transformation from 2 to 1, then we can farm 1 legendary per month, not each 2 months. - STIGMA ENCHANTS: We need more ways to obtain stigma enchants outside of events! What about put them on prestige machine for an AFFORDABLE PRICE? - DAEVANEON ESSENCE: We need more ways to obtain daeva essence outside of events and with no Abyssal Splinter. What about LOWER the price on prestige machine? 2500 ITS TOO MUCH - ENCHANTMENT STONES: We still need to enchant our gear, and new players need them more than everyone, but we lack of ways to obtain enchantment stone.. for example, we can farm with Bobonerk.. ok, but Bobonerk use exp to make, and we already use exp to extract exp marks.. or the player enchant the gear or farm exp marks. This need to change. What about return the legendary enchant drops from PVE instances and start to drop PVP enchant stone from PVP instances? Thats reasonable! - GEMSTONES AND RUNESTONES RETUNING: For the sake of god, bring us an item to change the type of the runestone or gemstone of an item. The gemstone and runestone should be farmable, not the slot of the item - GEMSTONES: Talking about Gemstones, make more ways to farm them.. some way that not involves reset Red Cellar thousand times or killing world bosses - GEMSTONE AND RUNESTONE ENCHANTMENT: Still with them, PLEASE remove the contaminated system.. this is stupid, or at least make them exist only after +8 for example. - EVENTS: Bring events with GOOD PRIZES. What about all the itens listed above? Actual and new players NEED TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS, DAEVANEON ESSENCES, ENCHANT STONES, GEMSTONES AND RUNESTONE ENCHANTS. - KINNAH: Make the items droped from instances give more kinnah. EU have too much more kinnah from itens than us. - BROKER FEE: Take this out! That tax has been implemented because of the exchange of the currency on the 6.0. Ok, we are at 7.5, the game economy is good.. we dont need that anymore. - EXP: WE NEED EXPPPPPPP.. today its a pain to farm exp! Make the mobs inside instances droping REAL exp! And also rise the quest exp as well! - WE NEED MORE PLAYERS: Aion isnt a game that I would recommend for a friend today, why? Everything is TOO costy to obtain.. the player come to Aion today and cant do anything with a good transformation or all the problems listed above. Give a Rank A minion and a legendary (ancient at least) transformation for new players! No, not by event.. just give to them! - You must notice that must of my suggestions includes prestige machine.. thats right. Give a reason for players to pay for prestige pass! improve the Prestige benefits -------- Honored mentions: - BE MORE AGRESSIVE AGAINST HACKERS.. the game is bleeding with so much players using no-animation, hidden mobs detection and broker bots!
  11. Siege Schedule Poll

    I don't even do Sieges, but only want to say thank you for making the game better, and hear the community. @Loki
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    Welcome to Aion, @Kibbelz. Good work on ur first maintenance post.
  13. Would be good if u stop with the xenophobic commentaries by here, to begin with. Also, this post is a completely bullshit. Even if it was true, false or whatever, everyone is free to play whenever they want.
  14. Want to trade ingame, dont wanna buy or something else.. whisper Bjorn