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  1. Saturday/Sunday IDD/PF report

    Was Chanter's =(
  2. Ok.. Did more 4 PF runs yesterday and 4 IDD runs today Only a SINGLE ultimate chain boots from PF. Are guys seeing this forum? @Cyan @Hime , Theres a LOT of people talking about bad drops on that 2 instances. Ive made another post on the start of the week about this.. WE NEED BETTER DROPS ON ENDGAME INSTANCES. This is TOTAL lame. At least make IDD 100% drop.. its a f$$$cking 12 people instance 1 (2~3 if ur faction win the fort) time per week. COME ON
  3. For those who was asking about rebalance on other regions.. there is(Its absolutely not garantee that NC West gonna do the exact modifications): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iy6K6XlvgKo5h1dxpEFojaUTp_EtcoYMSAOIxR3fUPE/edit?fbclid=IwAR0Q8LiuyAKYQ09yEjdIQjU2BJ2t-LqAhOTVlbTZ4tuQVefH7L927ykidXs#gid=805010206
  4. I will not buy anything from BCM! JOIN Me

    Those 3 are TOTALLY possible and plausible to implement. +1
  5. Siege times and PVP windows

    Late??? 11pm? 12pm? Pfffff Here on Brazil we did Sieges at 1am along all the summer time. Anyways, +1 on this... gonna be 11pm here so... overall better.
  6. No Ultimate drops in PF/IDD is bullshit

    If u have the gear u can aways do more runs to gear up alts or help legion/friends! (At least im aways running BoS and FM for it)
  7. The title speaks for itself. They are ENDGAME INSTANCES, what a hell people? Ive spent 4000 lunas running PF's and IDD's this month (I have no problem saying that, i work to pay for my hobbies). And I can say that at least 50% of the runs we got NO ULTIMATE. This NEEEEED to be fixed, otherwise people dont gonna buy stuff anymore. We already have to fight against the RNG of ur piece doenst drop for normal drop runs, and we also need to fight that kind of bullshit? COME ON. Bjorn/Ragdoll
  8. Honestly, i see that things and turn into tears knowing our region dont make a good event since the Pumpkin one. I know its all RNG based, but damn.. look at the rewards. in before im only geting Transparent scrolls and berdin on Heart Breaking event.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Good Job to @Cyan and NCWest team! We waited so long for a nice update and there is! Just dont let it get over ur heads and slow the speed on the fixes.. keep going, u guys are doing a great job!
  10. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    This game is PVPVE, not only PVP... Templars are STRONGLY nerfed for PVE on this update. And this update is about DOING DPS since NO INSTANCE actually need a tank. A Sorc can tank, a gunner can tank.. every shit can tank. Templar's can tank due his high defense, but he CANT HOLD THE DAMN AGGRO without dps. Theres only two ways for a Templar to do the endgame on this patch: 1 - Be carried by friends on PF/IDD 2 - Be carried by exchanged Ultimate gear from 5.8 due the OP stats
  11. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    I just rerolled Glad until 6.5 to see if Templar gonna be fixed.. the dmg is a total disaster. I have 13k atk, 12k acc and 3k crit on my Templar (PVE) and do little more than Half of my Glad dps in overall instances... im so sad for abandon my child.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Good one, @Cyan
  13. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    I hate the Polearm atk spd.. Im simply cant do decent dps with Pole + Fennec (130ms here). Thats why I insist using dual wield. I have faced myself doing around 10m dmg on IDD and didnt be happy with that value (Comparing with gunner, sin or sorc/sm that usualy do more than 12m).. but im guess I cant do more than that with only Legendary gear (and 2 Ancient pieces hihi )
  14. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    Im using a Legendary Voidsoul dagger on main and a +15 Master Harvester Sword on the off hand full precision +12 (Glad) ... this combination worth more than a Legendary Voidsoul Pole until i get an Ultimate Dagger? What about ur stigma build, can u send me a pic, please? Thx!
  15. Legion Emblem is problematic?

    Try to put in TGA format a file named emblem.tga. For some reason, it dont accept png or ico files even if u respect the img size and file size. Other thing.. it may take a while for the game to recognize the file or change the legion emblem itself... its a known bug who i have notice for more than a year.