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  1. If u read my comment on Maintenance post u should understand why this would be extremely bad for the retail server overall. I am very happy that the rates are low and we will not see people running around with full +8 paragon sets. :)
  2. Ok @Kibbelz The rate to get a +7 Ice Cube is INSANELY low.. i must thank you guys to make it extremely rare to get. And even if a person get a +7 box, there is more RNG to get a +8 Paragon equipment set. Thank you for not destroy the gear balance of upcoming 8.0 (and please read your pm )
  3. Not long time ago i told my friends that when NC West starts to sell Paragon +8 gear i would end my time in Aion forever.. i gonna wait and see how this event gonna work, and decide if i will sadly finally uninstall Aion or gonna continue to contribute along with the 30 players online everyday in retail. For those which dont understood yet: Paragon +8 gear is stronger than Truestorm and Bittertorn.. if u have a single piece of it, u gonna have more stats of a ordinary player at the current patch. Paragon +8 gear gonna be revamped at 8.0 and gonna have pretty much the same stats of the
  4. I totally understand the abandon of retail servers in the first week because of Classic free trial, and even the second week of abandon because the possible Classic fixes and stuff. But whole 3 weeks of nothing? Do something.. a p2w event, some old event returning.. 7.9 part 2.. Cat collection event... Mouse/Keyboard.. bring Garden back to at least make us have the false impression of people online (afk into garden).. i dunno. Dont tell me ice cream event is something with that prizes loot table. Im personaly not playing classic, and facing day by day from 20 to 25 people online at retai
  5. They most probably not gonna give any attention to retail until the first month of classic ends. We might getting an event on next wed, but something simple to hang some attention before the 7.9 part 2 update (i hope so).
  6. Replying something to not let Kibbelz alone in retail forums
  7. @Kibbelz @Loki Here is the thing.. we re still many months from 8.0, and 7.9 dont really brought any big update to the game, and we still doing the same instances the last 2 year +- The only stuff an endgame player can do now, is get their gemstones/runestones maxed, farm Yorgos or the most important: stock kinnah for 8.0 What about rise the weekly limit that you can sell at merchants? There is many sources of kinnah right now in the game, and 350m per week doesnt sounds reasonable for an active player. Also, that rising would not affect the playerbase that farm kinnah by coff coff ot
  8. Just to point out: The wise Dragon King weapon can be obtained from Luna gamble and snowballs. Isn't impossible to get, only very rare.
  9. Who in the seven hells would make a +9 paragon set and never equip it? Because paragon gear isn't trade able after equiping it. And who in the lands of Valhalla would sell it for kinnnah if quiting? Coff coff real money trading coff coff
  10. https://imgur.com/vHPsBZl full atk +23 + Paragon +8 .. only slaughter and food.. no berseker or any other buffs... looks like yet too far away of that stats sir Hosie
  11. Welcome to the Glad vs SM 7.8 patch A Glad only loose to SM if he is undergeared (like me :P) or get caught without PVP gear and dont have time to pop up Magic Defense
  12. Its a "known bug" since we had this buff last time. If u get the buff, then equip the rune, only the rune effect take place. And if u unequip the rune, the buff wont affect u.. u gonna need to relog for the buff to take effect again. So, if u want the buff: dont equip your rune.
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