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  1. Welcome to the Glad vs SM 7.8 patch A Glad only loose to SM if he is undergeared (like me :P) or get caught without PVP gear and dont have time to pop up Magic Defense
  2. Its a "known bug" since we had this buff last time. If u get the buff, then equip the rune, only the rune effect take place. And if u unequip the rune, the buff wont affect u.. u gonna need to relog for the buff to take effect again. So, if u want the buff: dont equip your rune.
  3. Don't worry, soon NC gonna bring auto farm to NA and u and ur friends wont have to pay to farm anymore. I know it's expensive.. 1 euro is 7 brasil real right now
  4. Finally NC figured that they have more Bots inside luna than players playing the game.. that was a good movement @Kibbelz @Loki But listen, this will not deal with the problem, u guys need to make some changes to make it not harmful to legit players. Like: - Make instances give u REAL exp - Make the final box reward of instances drop kinnah boxes, or make the gears droped from there soldable for REAL amounts of kinnah - Give us one way to farm transformation contracts otherwise than luna, because u guys are making it hard to craft, since people doing luna materials gonna drop drastic
  5. Again with this? It's Matheus again or it's one of his minions? What about tell ur friends to stop using hacks before accusing anyone else? I have all the reasons to not defend Mecheagle, but damn.. stop with this dude.
  6. Dont u think Ice Cream users already benefit enough from this event? U want to give MORE stuff to them?
  7. U saying NC must let bots alone or improve the infrastructure to allow more and more bots in game? Sorry, sir.. ure 100% wrong. Bots are a cancer on this game, and its because of them new players cant afford prestige pass by the broker, for example. We have people with 60 bi kinnah on their accounts, while in other side people are siting with 100m. Bots MUST be eliminated completetly from the game. BUT, the actual game situtation isnt only bots fault. NC have have 50% of the guilty here.. there is hundreds of ways to improve the game economy and turn the gameplay into a healty environ
  8. Its known that kinnah bundle is the source of 90% of the incoming kinnah from bots.. removing it from luna should not put a end to bots, but gonna decrease it drastically.
  9. This should be implemented from the beginning!! lol But anyway.. this is an awesome feature.
  10. Just want to put this topic to the first page again. The event gonna end in 5 days.. i hope this event makes everyone to think about spending money in this game again. I hope this time Loki doesnt ban me 😢
  11. wow hold on guys, we have a milenial internet troll here
  12. You already have double entries for almost all instances.. its like the KT bug that we have every week
  13. wow wow wow calm down.. lets focusing on his ability to be a filty hacker and forget about his nationality
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