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  1. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    This game is PVPVE, not only PVP... Templars are STRONGLY nerfed for PVE on this update. And this update is about DOING DPS since NO INSTANCE actually need a tank. A Sorc can tank, a gunner can tank.. every shit can tank. Templar's can tank due his high defense, but he CANT HOLD THE DAMN AGGRO without dps. Theres only two ways for a Templar to do the endgame on this patch: 1 - Be carried by friends on PF/IDD 2 - Be carried by exchanged Ultimate gear from 5.8 due the OP stats
  2. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    I just rerolled Glad until 6.5 to see if Templar gonna be fixed.. the dmg is a total disaster. I have 13k atk, 12k acc and 3k crit on my Templar (PVE) and do little more than Half of my Glad dps in overall instances... im so sad for abandon my child.
  3. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    I hate the Polearm atk spd.. Im simply cant do decent dps with Pole + Fennec (130ms here). Thats why I insist using dual wield. I have faced myself doing around 10m dmg on IDD and didnt be happy with that value (Comparing with gunner, sin or sorc/sm that usualy do more than 12m).. but im guess I cant do more than that with only Legendary gear (and 2 Ancient pieces hihi )
  4. Glad Dual, Pole or GS, which is with more dps

    Im using a Legendary Voidsoul dagger on main and a +15 Master Harvester Sword on the off hand full precision +12 (Glad) ... this combination worth more than a Legendary Voidsoul Pole until i get an Ultimate Dagger? What about ur stigma build, can u send me a pic, please? Thx!
  5. Legion Emblem is problematic?

    Try to put in TGA format a file named emblem.tga. For some reason, it dont accept png or ico files even if u respect the img size and file size. Other thing.. it may take a while for the game to recognize the file or change the legion emblem itself... its a known bug who i have notice for more than a year.
  6. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    Theres no official announcement about an "epic patchnotes" or something to be posted tomorrow, but yeah, I agree with the topic. I dont remember when was the last time we got a REAL patch notes with REAL changes in the game.. the feeling is of total abandonment by the staff, devs and whoever related to NCWest. Im already didnt renew my prestige since half december, and Im starting to wonder if it is still feasible to play at this rate.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Who cares about shugoling long ling? No one expent money on that event anyways. If the shugo was still there, no one gonna still care about
  8. Priorities

    I bet is to reduce the chance to enchant a snowball to +10, ive enchanted 3 to +10 before the maintenance (Got ancient pve stones from the 3)
  9. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    At least! Lets just see the chances of a snowball to get to +10, and the chances to drop those itens from it.
  10. Berdin's Lucky Star (x10) Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone (x3) Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone (x5) Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone (x2) Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone Iceveil Wings Solorius Weapon Box Heavy Stigma Box Legendary Daevanion Skill Box Ancient Daevanion Skill Box Transformation Contract (x5) Ancient Transformation Contract Transparent Transformation Scroll (x25)
  11. Crafting mats

    Sounds like u just came back to game now.. errr.. hard to explain, its a NC decision. But they are brokerable at least.
  12. At least they admitted that they did some "mistakes"
  13. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    What? PVE enchantment stones is easier to get than PVP? Only if u meant the Ancient ones. % to drop 1 legendary enchantment per PF and IDD, who EVERYONE rolls for it % to drop 1 Ultimate enchantment per IDD, eho EVERYONE rolls for it... the detail here is that IDD is 2 runs PER WEEK (lil bit more if u get the fort and use scrolls) In another hand, every Siege gives u legendary PVP stones, and have a high chance to get them from Dredgions. Actually, theres no source of Ultimate PVP stones at all, but at least we can get some Legendary ones Hello???