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  1. I didn't give you enough credit for this. Truely thank you very much. This was very much appreciated.
  2. Seriously thank you all so much for your help. I'm on a my phone right now and its hard for me to quote one of you, but if you knew Presley on Aion you'd know I'm the queen of Skins. I'm not saying I own the most, but I've got over 100 from the game because seriously Skins are what I loved about Aion. I have a lot of plastic surgery tickets too. Aion was my life in a hard time, and as a community you haven't let me down. I'll be back I soon if all goes well. Thank you for all your help. I guess I'll use my old gear to pve but upgrade asap. I look forward to this.
  3. Ok, thank you. I guess when I get back on I'll do just that. I've heard good things about the update.
  4. This may be in the forums somewhere, but I haven't played Aion in over a year. I seen a video recently that said something about new gear, and old was done. I was wondering if my +15 Soph/Royal Capt Harp and my Royal Capt gear was still usuable, or if not will I be able to trade it for this new gear? I miss the community, and I'll be back soon. I just hope I'm not starting my SW over, I sure love Presley, and miss my toon.
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