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    Greetings ! I've been playing aion since 2nd closed beta. I've never taken the time to complain on forum until now. The game is dying yet we still have somewhat player base left. That will be gone soon as well if you guys don't fix aion. There are quite a few things that were changed recently that is making a lot of people including myself to lose interest in this game that I have been playing for a very long time. Such as 1) Not being able to trade Gear/Item/Kinah to other characters of the same account or not. 2) Having ALMOST NO skin available except for the tedious useless ones that has been sitting on broker for months.. 3) Only way to transfer an item ( very selected ones are available to do so ) and kinah is through broker. these are some of the many issues we are all facing in aion recently. One of the things i liked in this game in the past were how i was able to skin anything and use it on many different characters by trading them and how i could trade items/kinah with other players. Many times I've helped newly joined friends or in some cases I received help from other players by trading kinah/item which we can't do anymore. Not only the broker charges extra to place an item and receive less but there are BOTS sitting on broker all day and night long. Last night many players have lost their Cauldron Coins to Bots and some to other players snipping the broker ONLY BECAUSE they COULDN'T Trade them normally as they could in the past. As days are passing by you guys are forcing people to quit this game while preaching how you are caring about the gaming community by taking away the things we LIKED about this game. By taking away the concept of trading kinah were you able to stop Gold sellers ? NO! they existed in the past and they still do and they will exist in the future. So might as well bring trading system back like it was before. Bring MORE skins in the game. A lot of people in this game enjoyed how they could make their characters look with different skins which we CAN'T do anymore cause we can't trade 90% of the skins and hardly any new skins available. May be you should spend more time on FIX THE HACKS that people are using instead of taking away the basic things that made aion more enjoyable in the past. I'm sure there are many other issues that needs to be fixed in the community and game play but these are some of the MOST BASIC issues you can fix. Sincerely, God Of Thunder