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  1. eeehhh I think the 3 legendaries limit it’s fine to keep the balance of the game… yeah the game is imbalanced already but removing the limit might break it even further… just keep in mind that removing such limit might make others that can spend more out spend you so I suggest everyone to keep it as it is + as far as I remember there are other events with selectable legendaries
  2. just like he said... having alts from different classes is makes it a bit messy :v but is better than waiting for a jelly or killing mobs I just wish the dp lasted a bit longer if you need to go afk for over 5mins
  3. :V https://gyazo.com/3eb218ff2ae07483cf07d1430c73a8af
  4. you forgot to add the shard fragments from kerub quests and the ones you get from completing quests in apsaranta... js 20 for final reward on each level and think level II has 10 shards and level III has 5 per quest :v and the 1 shard each time you complete a sandstorm or garurerk attempt :v
  5. Imagine playing aion just to be governor as level 25…
  6. Classic does not have starter sets you will have to farm them… there are different sets you might be able to farm in fame and the best to pvp is the abyss armor which you can start getting at level 30
  7. I mean... I think the first question we need to make is... what is for NCwest temporarily? The main problem with aion is that is not a game that currently rewards the players fast specially new/returning players, like @Mrplatino-DNsaid they all come in and get one shot and get discouraged fast... also I think you are all minimizing the fact that the community loves to grief each other, which doesn’t help new/returning players.
  8. @Movement-KTim sure there are more bugs than just the 100 entries hence why they will fix it with server maintenance
  9. @Motgar-KTif the bundles were specific I wouldn’t complain at all and I wouldn’t bought the big one to begin with and yes you are right... ncsoft as of lately engage on this kind of practices which also damage the brand of their company and the game in general @BGPwho dis?
  10. Thanks to alyta-dn for creating this spreadsheet, I wish ncwest created some sort of table where you could see the items contained on the bundles and the odds someone has to get such items rather than having to buy the bundles and figure out yourself how the bundles might or might not work... also... so players actually play the game and not have to create this spreadsheet on their own... True... the 6400 bundles is literal crap I bought one thinking it could contained a higher chance of getting dazzling gemstones... I guess they forgot to specify the only sure way to get dazzling from
  11. Did you try both... the aion launcher and the ncsoft launcher?
  12. You should know by now that NCsoft has a hard time coming up with "good ideas"
  13. Since you guys are working on that hard reset... How about if you ban all the hackers and all the people that buys kinah... I mean if you are paying attention to all the "feedback" you should get rid of those players too
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