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  1. even the guy creaming that poor person is like please this is too much power for one person to handle x'D
  2. honestly vandal dps needs to be nerfed or the other classes buffed, its astonishingly shameful to watch...
  3. i haven't played in awhile and i recently leveled a new character to get used to the changes, but i can't find anywhere to get the other stigma tree for my class? crucible challenge doesn't give the tokens to buy stigma bundles anymore and i'm too poor to buy the stigma's off broker send help ;-;
  4. mythic sups arent hard to get, but i need eternal for the frigida gear, and i'm not sure how to get those anymore other then just paying for it through the enchanting menu. unless apollon enchanted gives better states then frigida? i'm honestly not totally sure whats going with gear everyone tells me different things u.u and thanks for the help
  5. um, i couldn't find any info on this, so i decided to ask. when will archdeava gear be unbreakable when enchanting? will it ever be a thing? Cause my rng isn't that great and i'm not made of money, this free to play game is starting to feel very pay to win, since ppl are starting not to take others that dont have the latest and greatest gear. its incentive to quit until its patched since i cant progress anymore (this ofc is just my opinion on the matter dont assassinate me) thanks~
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