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  1. I agree with @Poggersz-KT these would be a great addition to events
  2. Still no way in game to get an extendable weapon since the item doesnt exist in any loot tables or events. Also regular stat cubics which could be acquired from various things in previous patches (cubic instance and quests) quite easily are extremely hard to farm due to NA disabling auto hunt. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime Would be nice if you could forward on these problems and see if you can implement these items in future events or a way to be able to get them ingame. These items would be great for newer players to catch up.
  3. This is a needed item to participate in pvp it would be a great addition to add to events to allow newer players and rerolls to catch up. There is NO WAY to obtain these items in game right now so if you didnt play during 7.0 - 7.2 you're at a severe disadvantage. This would be a great item to add good suggestion dmob.
  4. WHY WOULD U DISABLE A GAME FEATURE WHICH ALLOWS PLAYERS WHO DIDNT PLAY PREVIOUS PATCHES TO GAIN CUBICS AND CATCH UP? MAKES 0 SENSE TO DISABLE A FEATURE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE GAME TO ALLOW PLAYERS TO CATCH UP TO OLDER PLAYERS. NOT TO MENTION GETTING XP IS IMPOSSIBLE. @Kibbelz Can you go kill monsters in open world and tell me how many cubics you get in an hour then report to these degernates how much time it would take to manually try and farm cubics.
  5. 1. You cannot get an extendable weapon it doesn't drop from WB's anymore so unless you played 7.0 / 7.2 you cannot get one makes it difficult for returning players. 2. Stat cubics are impossible to grind another factor for a new / returning player to not want to play. 3. Instance platinum cubics are impossible to get and needed to run instances.
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