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  1. This statement is just... wrong. The PvE population dies even faster if its players aren't being rewarded enough. It comes down to a careful balance between progression and longevity. Allow players to progress too fast, and they will be left with nothing to do until the next patch comes out, but focus too much on longevity by making progression excruciatingly difficult, and players will leave discouraged. The latter is Aion's current situation, only much worse. PvE progression is currently locked behind a RNG-exclusive looting system. Not only that, the RNG is absolutely atrocious. Assuming a
  2. I think the reason we need permission from Korea for even the smallest change is because our NA publisher, NCwest, is a subsidiary of NCSoft. EU can make changes by themselves because Aion is published by Gameforge over there. As for the Cyan/Hime... it does seem a bit fishy how little work they are putting into Aion. I don't know about the other games, but if their attention is split equally amongst all 3, that doesn't feel like enough workload for 2 full time employees. I mean Cyan literally makes 5 forum posts a week here, while Hime is nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, if they ar
  3. The gaming industry is in a precarious position right now, with publishers exploiting the lucrative profits of loot boxes as much as they can before most governments catch on and pass laws against this form of gambling. Many EU countries have already banned these practices, so I think t's just a matter of time before loot boxes disappear forever. Here in NA, Aion doesn't currently have this problem, which doesn't really help... since the RNG stuff not locked behind paywalls is just as bad if not worse.
  4. I'm sure the Aion developers are aware that a system like this can only be healthy for the game. In fact, pity counters have existed in the past for drops from certain end game instances, but were removed with patches as those instances became irrelevant. I can write paragraphs upon paragraphs detailing NC's blunders with Aion over the years, but to summarize: consumer friendly mechanics like this are either very low on their list of priorities or they simply don't care about them.
  5. Those are the only 2 (kinda) reliable ways. BoS has a very small chance to drop a random A grade minion. These contracts are brokerable, so you can always buy them if you have the kinah.
  6. To me, it seems more like they simply don't care about Aion anymore, and moving their resources to other projects while slowly letting the game die. @Cyan Tell me I'm wrong
  7. 5000? I'd be shocked if there were just half that many. For ncwest right now, it's not about the lower population willing to purchase from their store. It's not even about what's profitable for them or not. Any Aion player in 2019 must realize the items currently in high demand: enchantment stones, transparent transformation scrolls, and Daevanion skill books. Yet none of these items are in the BCM. All we get are recycled skins and useless pets that they "removed" from the game, only to have them reintroduced later. I'll be quite frank, you'd have to be an idiot to either SELL or PURCHASE any
  8. I really hope this is an out of season april fools joke...
  9. I've probably encountered 20 smugglers and have never seen a book drop. Is that 25% tested in NA or other regions? What's your sample size?
  10. If you afk Luna on at least 4 characters, you can get 80 transparent scrolls per week, which is more than enough to do everything in the game short of random pvp. It's a very inelegant solution to the problem, but until ncwest gets their act together and make the scrolls more accessible, it's the best we can do.
  11. Ooooh ok. I think the first 4 or 5 I opened all had 5k in them so I just thought it was always 5k and never bothered to look at it further. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. I remember opening these a week or two ago and getting 5k shards per bundle, and it was the only semi-reliable way to get a lot of shards fast. Today I opened a few and only got 1k from each. I heard from someone that you could get 10k, but whatever the chances of that are, they are low. Am I just remembering things wrong? Or did anyone else notice this?
  13. If you have the Inescapable Choke Davanion skill, try this rotation in the video: If you don't have the skill, take a look at my 5.8 rotation. It's slightly different from 6.2, but overall it should be similar. I'm not perfect, but if you have any questions, I can try to help you.
  14. Well... after almost 2 months, I still can't beat floor 10. It's like not even sorta kinda close for me. There's literally no chance at all. My SM has about 13k attack and 13k MA. All I can do is hit the mobs for non-existent damage as I slowly watch my HP reach 0.
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