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  1. ... too bad nobody is actually there to see it. Why is it set up only in the capitals? Sanctum/Pandemonium is just a ghost town nowadays.
  2. Can't Craft for Alts

    My theory is that they want us to use the broker to trade items between characters. Inconvenience aside, the ~14% fee that we have to pay for any transaction is a very powerful kinah sink, which I think is the whole point of items being brokerable but not tradeable. If I'm correct, it's a very questionable move on the devs' part, but I'm not Korean so what do I know...
  3. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    2000 shards a week for 7.6m kinah... that's a testament to how clueless NC is. Whether it's KR or NA who made this decision, it needs to be revised. An end game boss currently can take up to 7000 shards per player depending on class. What is 2000 per week going to do when we have at least 5 bosses (4 PF + 1 IDD) to do? And that's not to mention pvp.
  4. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    It's obvious that Aion devs intended for most items to be untradable yet brokerable. It's also reasonable to assume that they expect many players to use the broker as a means to trade items amongst friends. This, combined with the removal of private shops and the increase in broker fees is clearly meant to be a massive Kinah sink for Aion. The numbers in the economy were too high, and NCSoft wanted to lower them; it kinda makes sense. Whether this forced change in economy is actually healthy for the game here in NA is up for debate.
  5. I read somewhere that you could open a legendary from a basic contract, and that almost made me want to purchase a few from the BCM. After seeing this... no thanks.
  6. Smuggler Shugo

    I still call it a Shugo even though I'm perfectly aware that it's a Shulack. I think it's the same phenomenon as calling every siege boss "Dux". We know it's wrong, but correcting someone for using the wrong term in these scenarios just seems overly pedantic.
  7. Still bugged "Magic Resistance" duplicated name.

    Until the fix, a general rule of thumb is that Magical Defense (ie. MS) is typically the one with smaller numbers, and Magical Resistance (ie. MR) is the one with bigger numbers.
  8. Actually very hard. Everything is peachy up until stage 7, then it seems like the mobs just have a million MR and evasion. At stage 10, they start doing some noticeable damage and all efforts to damage/cc them seem to be futile. Has anyone actually beaten stage 10 yet? It is even possible without full ultimate gear? I wonder what kind of enemies await on higher floors...
  9. About Send logs...

    Is there a way to skip the loading required to get back into Aion after a send log? I think I read some time ago that there's something you could modify in a certain config file but I'm not entirely sure if that violates the ToS. Does anyone have info on this?
  10. Pay to look at your character is dumb

    Yes... there are many posts complaining about this. If it's any consolation, the transparent scrolls can be bought and sold on the broker, so you technically don't have to pay any real money to look like yourself. Geez, I feel dumb just saying that >.<
  11. Speed

    There were no speed boots before level 30 when the game first launched. Coin gear with small amounts of speed (like 5-9%?) were introduced some time between 1.7 and 2.x. Our only access to speed was to craft shoes at level 30, collect 5 pieces of the Daeva set for a 12% set bonus, get the level 30 Abyss gear, and I believe complete a quest at around level 35 for some blue speed boots. It took the average player at least 2-3 weeks of consistent playing to reach any of those points. In that sense, 6.2 is in fact similar to launch if we look only at movement speed options. That said, I don't like the transformation system either. The magic of Aion in its early days did not lie within walking like a turtle, but rather the questing, exploration, and reaching higher levels to experience newer instances. None of that is present in 6.2, so I think NCSoft failed with its so called relaunch of the game.
  12. Speed

    It's funny how the patch was called Refly in KR when they removed most zones where you can fly.
  13. A farewell to these legends.

    RIP Bubblegut alliances
  14. At this point, I'm hoping for a delay. With only 6 days to go, we still have no news on the exchange rates of certain items. I'd much rather they give themselves some time to publish those numbers than to push out the update with everyone in the dark.
  15. Are we going to get the rates for item exchange?

    Thank you @Bryos-DN for the info. I did read that cores will be available for exchange... but I'm debating whether it's better to create a bunch of +5s with the omegas I have, or go as high as possible with enchanting them. Either way it'll help if we had those exchange rates. Crossing my fingers that they actually get released before the patch.