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  1. Well idk i went to do some stuff then come back and now the " Estimated downtime is 2 hours" probably is like 7 hours ... sooooo what i do now i used the half of the day in other stuff and still nothing. btw can u guys stop puting like " 30 mins delay bla bla bla" can u just say like 8 hours even if its not that cause u r pissing off a lot of ppl with that crap just saying
  2. breeeeeh, u really believe in miracles dont you?
  3. Some Prestige quests haven't been updated, IDD quest still asks u to defeat "Dragon Lord Beritra" and also the entry count of that instance its still 2 which i believe is unacceptable since its not an endgame instace, every other server have more than 2 entries
  4. Monsters in specific instances will have a chance to drop a [Event] Broken Heart Box, and bosses will guarantee a drop for each member of the party. im in the game and ppl is getting only 1 at the boss what is this
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