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  1. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    Any class with a ranged weapon could solo padma. Bugs happen, the server can barely stay online 24 hours without crashing; so does photoshop. The Screenshot is already edited to block out names, other aspects can be shopped. As previously mentioned, all of this could be slightly less foggy if another Screenshot was taken hovering over the icon by any of the several people that saw it.
  2. Kaisinel transform

    I got mine off double combine. Conspiracy you say? Indeed. It took me 4 months to get my first piece out of IDD, average 200-300kk in retunes to roll the "right" stats (not even decent values) on gear when I do get it, and literally never saw a bakarma Spear after years of farming, so I'd say my RNG is probably on par with OP. TR;DR Gotta fail hard to win big.
  3. I would be ecstatic for 4-6 minutes...
  4. Looking for clarification: Can you transfer off EK prior to merge if you own something beyond a studio? With housing auctions being locked so you can't transfer a house from one character to another, as well as your house not falling off your character if you purposely let maintenance expire, I'm not seeing a way around this.
  5. Unfair for KT-Community

    Does it? I'm pretty sure his point is that getting one pvp and pve item to +15, probably going nowhere on a single stigma, and being able to run instances more for a month is less impactful than buying 200 contracts. Not really sure what truth was exposed. Also still waiting for your rebuttle to any of the points/counter points made on the other thread, but I digress.
  6. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    I literally have no idea what point you're trying to make. Other people have mentioned compensation gear in the past so it's no longer a valid argument? Interesting take, please clarify. I'm not trying to downplay your point, I'm genuinely confused if you're saying that because there are ungeared players that may or may not be alts of geared players with resources, and/or our ability to pve cross server somehow nullifies getting destroyed in pvp cross server as an EK group unless you are: A- lucky enough to get matched vs a bunch of randoms that probably still outgear you B- are part of the top 1% of geared players on the server who's gear still only equates to compensatation gear or worse. I'm all for people carrying my fat cross server in pve, but pve gear/stones != compensation gear or the stones to enchant them, and I'd personally prefer a better pvp experience than 'get lucky in queue enough times until you catch up'
  7. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Lol I'm from IS asmo, and ZK asmo before that which was even worse. I was a part of both merges that were both crap shoots and was not compensated for either 'inconvenience,' but it's nice of you to assume. I was gone for a couple years, so you're sorta right about me not knowing what I'm talking about I guess. However, in your server examples that weren't a part of initial launch of the game/over expansion when they saw how popular it was the first couple months and added more, you still invalidate yourself by agreeing the servers had ample time to 'normalize before merge.' KT/Dn has players with >100kk gp, EK barely has players with other 10k. How do you assume that will shake out evenly for gold bars? 1 daeva skill box? You're right, that's unfair advantage. So.. Your other main point is that EK starting with NO pvp gear and having to grind crystal gear was somehow better for us? I suppose if pvp instances weren't cross server you might have a point, but I'm pretty sure a DN/KT pre-made in compensation pvp gear is better off vs ancient/legendary crystal EK group in dredge/ID/EC, you know, the main way you earn PvP enchantment stones that we have "the same opportunity to get as everyone else." Maybe if we had ultimate crystal set I could also understand. but the number of people on EK with that kind of gear after 6 months is incredibly low, so I don't really see your point.
  8. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    The point of compensation is that the server has only been around 6 months. We havnt had since 4.0 to gather gp, since 1.5 to accumulate kinah/manastones/stigmas/enchantment stones, we don't have an economy/broker with years of inflation baked in because of it. None of us have compensation pvp gear from old pvp gear that we also never had. We will never be able to 'catch up' to characters that have potentially been on the other servers a decade at this point, so the survey is to attempt to bridge the gap. It's also why as far as I can recall, similar surveys weren't given out for previous merges, since both/all servers merged had been up since 1.5-2.0.