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  1. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    Well I just bought an NC code and voila. They need to fix their sh!t because if they are denying people's payment no wonder they game is going downhills
  2. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    400 to put the starter pack and make some more characters. I did it to like 3~4 more accounts with paypal successfully and then this happened. I mean I am the one giving them money for digital nonsense, why is there any security risk? And it is not like my card was weird or anything, I used paypal. At least they should make those things broker-able, so people could at least pay someone else to do it. I guess I'll have to find someone trustworthy and buy an nc code from him.
  3. Apparently she wants to buy it o be able to open more than 4, maybe she has a super computer and can run 50 accounts at once
  4. ...how about log 4 clients at the same time to afk them in luna? If he/she wants to run bots then i guess botters already have their ways around. If sandboxie can do it then i guess all cheaters could.
  5. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    I didn't bump anything and I went to the site to do the same and still it brings the same error and this is their reply. I guess they can't be making any more money.
  6. Anc/Legend/Ulti Mystic Crystals

    Don't you need a few thousands of them to hope to craft one ultimate T2 weapon? Each grade needs to proc to go to the next. 5 magic crystals?
  7. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    So many hours laters and my ticket is still not answered, we can't buy BCM coins anymore.
  8. Your problem is that you have 3rd or 4th grade equipment now, everything has increased stats and people are upgrading, your legendary equipment is the problem. Nobody should even consider playing the game until they are at least ultimate T2 +15.
  9. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    I got this error and it is not going away: "ERROR Your purchase could not be completed at this time. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGP99150"